Saturday, May 31, 2008

So You Want to Be a Porn Star!

Well you will have your opportunity to impress some Talent Scouts that will be in Orlando next week for Gay Days.

I just learned that Pulse nightclub is hosting a very hot Thursday night that should also be a ton to compete or hang out.

Here is what is going on next Thursday!
FabScout is coming to town to do a model search and if this is a dream, fantasy or you thought well the hell. I'm young, hung and a stud - then maybe this is for you.

In addition to this event which has a cash prize of $250 and maybe a career on many small screens.

We have learned the there will also be a sexy underwear contest and Drag Queens - Roxxxy Andrews and Blade mathews will be performing.

Here is next Thursday's cover - 21 and up $5, under $8

Good luck and bottom's up to America's Next Top Porn Star!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Gay Days Embarrassingly Gay?

While becoming more educated on Gay Days and the viewpoint and concerns of families and even gays that it has gone too far.

That Gay Days has gone from a Happy Meeting of friends at the Magic Kingdom to a who can be the gayest of them all, lub-a-thon and drug infested mess.

There I typed it, a little painful to write but perception becomes reality and some of the growing number of harsh critics are coming believe it or not from the gay community.

So how will you spend your Gay Days? Will you try and make the most obscene gesture or biggest make out kiss in front of 3, 4 and 5 years old just to place your video or photos on MySpace or YouTube.

Or will you take pride and joy that everyone is enjoying the park and the sense of community. I personally am just happy to be there and want to have a good time, but that doesn’t involve grabbing my boyfriend and making sure that everyone sees me. And yes, I know that not everyone does this, but why can’t we just have mutual respect for everyone gay and straight and not try to push people’s buttons.

Gays Days has also become one of the biggest party weekends in the country with that comes well sex and drugs. Well I hate to think I am old fashion, but I don’t care for drugs and I was actually embarrassed last year carrying a Wet - Premium Lube bag around.

I guess the message it sent me is we are the stereotype, but when you meet most regular guys it is not.

I guess what I am saying, be yourself during Gay Days but don’t go out of your way to make others uncomfortable just by being in your presence. For me Gay Days is a chance to be the best we can be, however I fear that the growing perception is that Gay Days may be gays at their worst. I hope that is not the case this year.

Cirque La Nouba has Performances during Gay Days

For the first time I can remember La Nouba - Cirque de Soleil show will be performing during Gay Days!

In years past this AMAZING show has been on break during Gay Days. I am not sure if it was seen as a poor week for ticket sales or if the cast gets to choose but it was never an option to see it during Gay Days.

Well I wanted to let you know because, no one is sure whether this is a one year test to see whether to see if it is profitable or if the expect to continue with the new schedule.

My Disney resources tell me that this is a test to see if the Gay Days crowd responds to the show being open. While the La Nouba performers enjoy being off durig Gay Days, I have also heard that many are very exciting to perform for friends coming in for the event.

Well if you have never seen La Nouba and only visit Orlando during Gay Days, make room for it on your list of things to do. Take a look at the full Gays Days schedule and see when you can go. It is a truely amazing show and time and time again took my breathe away.

Performances are held Tuesday - Saturday at 6 & 9 pm and there are no performances on Sunday or Monday.

If you really want to see soemthing special this year, check out La Nouba!

To see a full calendar of Gay Days events visit

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Obama looking for Gay Days Volunteers

Senator Obama, our next President, (most likely, sorry Hilary) is looking for volunteers to work Gays Days Expos!

Are you an Obama fan, well now you can make a difference and volunteer to support Obama in 08!

For more information about volunteering and all the details.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Gay Days Misconceptions Remain a Reality

My eyes have been re-opened to the ugliness and confusion that surround Gay Days and gay people in general.

Maybe I have tolerant friends and family or live in a community that is a little more excepting than most, but my heart sinks a lot when people use broad terms to stereotype gay people and Gay Days.

On Yahoo Answers a women feared her children would see sex in the parks. My thoughts: Are you kidding? What a stupid question.

Other comments noted people will be all over each other and flaunting gayness. Hmm, I went last year and why I did see hugs and kisses, nothing was really over the top.

Also why looking at sites I ran across one Disney site that mention that Gays Days was booking well and I was happy to see this. However in reading the follow up comments I was thrown up that people think Disney sponsors the event, gay people have a mental disorder and how evil gay people are.

Well I couldn’t just let that pass without commenting, so I set them straight. Lol

And as I see these injustices on the web I will tackle them one by one and little by little we will reduce the ignorance and replace it with acceptance and understanding.

by GdaysBoi of Visit Gay Orlando

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Is Gay Days a Disney Event?

Is Gay Days a Disney Event?
Every year we hear this question and the answer is...

No Disney does not officially authorize nor promote the weekend.

The weekend which started out as a couple of hundred of local Disney fans together has grown into a major event.

It is similar to when College teams’s come to Orlando for bowl games and decides to have a Florida, Auburn, Michigan or Wisconsin days at a theme park and they tell all their fans to wear school colors. So when you walk around the park you feel connected to them even though you don’t know them.

Why Red?

Red was selected become it is easy to see. So friends attending the first year events, could wave and say hi to fellow gay guest, pretty much knowing that they were aware of the event.

At one point Disney tried to minimize the event and the result was it made the event bigger and stronger. And when it comes down to it, how could you stop the general public from attending your park, you can’t?

While some events occur on Disney property but many Gay Days events occur throughout the Orlando area. The Disney name has just been attached to the event based on past history and because the biggest and most attended event is going to Disney's Magic Kingdom on Saturday.

If you are coming to Gays Days in Orlando then vist my site Visit Gay Orlando for a complete list of events and activities for the weekend.

Visit Gay Orlando Launches with Complete Gay Days Schedule

Visit Gay Orlando launches with Gay Days schedule

After searching the web concerning Gay Days, few places online give you a full list of what events will occur at Gay Days in Orlando, however we have changed that.

You'll find a complete event list for all activities happening at Disney and around the the Orlando area including events by:
One Mighty Weekend
Girls at
Girls in Wonderland

All in one place on a day by day schedule and a event type schedule, so you can quickly see what is happening at Gay Days and plan for a great weekend.

As we get more events from the local Orlando bars we will ad them to the list. You can view the complete Men's and Women's Gay Days Event Schedule here

We also will build out additional sections of the site in the coming weeks so all Orlando visitors can know where to find great things to do while on vacation.

We hope you enjoy our service and visit us again in the future.