Thursday, June 5, 2008

No Power, No AC, Yeah I am ready for Gay Days

What a morning, I was awaken by my bf who was about to turn in that he smelled smoke in the house. Shit it is 5:30 am, (he is a nightclub manager so he is up late) so the search for the cause was quickly narrowed down to the circuit breaker box which was hot to the touch.

Another "oh damn moment" well to make this short my place didn't burn but was on it's way I went 4 hours without power and now everything is fixed. Thank you. Even better my bf who works at the big event tonight, was able to sleep even with the lack of AC. I am so grateful.

Well I am more than ready to get this weekend started, hit an expo, get my tickets, a red shirt and go to PI tonight. Gay Days is here and I will keep you posted by taking photos and blogging.

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