Sunday, June 7, 2009

Gay Days 2009 - What Worked, What Didn't and What's Left

Gay Days 2009 was a year of huge changes yet it was still Gay Days. With one day left here is a look at What Worked, What Didn't and What is Left.

What Worked This Year
The Weather - while rain was expected all weekend, rains early in the day let most evening rain free on Friday and Saturday.
Magical Kingdom - Rain ended by 1pm and then Overcast but comfortable.
Let's Go Party Friday at Typhoon Lagoon - The weather turned nice and the price was right.
Wanda Sykes at Hard Rock - Sold Out Show - Heard a great time
La Nouba - Always a Crowd Pleaser
Parliament House Saturday Night with Deborah Cox - Packed, great show and hot men. Gay Days Expo - Fun, samples, great vendors and free

What Did Not Work
Power at Royal Plaza - out for over 8 hours on Thursday, but once up things went well.
One Mighty Weekend - City After Dark Party - Moved from Gaylord Palms to Buena Vista with just 2 days notice!
Gay Days Reborn Party at Motion - Great DJ and we loved the idea but party was announced to late and promoted to little.

What is Left
Sunday Pool Parties
Gay Days Film Festival
Jennifer Holiday at Parliament House
And the Last Party of the Weekend Magical Journeys III from 1 - 8am!
See full Men's Sunday Gay Days Schedule

Have fun, be safe and enjoy!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Huge Changes For Orlando Gay Days

What a difference a year can make, last year Gay Days in Orlando had huge crowds and more events than ever.

Now just one year later, Gay Days 2009 will be a totally different type of event. Seriously a totally different event.

Here are a few of the changes:
Pleasure Island closed in September 2008
- No Mannequins, Motion or Adventurers Club

Beach Ball - No Longer at Typhoon Lagoon
Now it is at a hotel and called Beach Ball Luau

One Mighty Party is NOT at MGM
- Now it is at Gaylord Palms
- No comedian or singer :(

In addition, quite a few smaller events are gone too. It is to early to predict when or if the events will return to the more popular venues, but I can say is it is a little disappointing that so many changes occured in just one year.

The good news is that the purpose of Gay Days lives on even if the venues that have made the event Internationally famous have changes.

See you all in five week.
Site updates coming this week!