Thursday, May 27, 2010

Eufuria Gays Days Bear Dance Party - Preview!

As part of Gay Days Preview - Today we look at EUFURIA!

For all you club boys, Eufuria is not a song by Rihanna but it is the Biggest Bear Dance Party of the Weekend at Gay Days!

Noted as the "Ultimate Bear Dance Party" this event is for Bears, Cubs, Chubs and those who love and admire them. Here is your chance to meet up, socialize and dance with bears from Orlando, New York and around the World.

Tidal Wave Party DJ’s David Biehl, Danny G, and Cap ‘n Kirk will be providing great music so you can let loose.

This event is being held at the Doubletree Resort Orlando and tickets run $30 in advance and $40 at the door.

While I have never been to the event, I have heard that is a great time where you can be yourself and have a blast on Saturday night.

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

How to Explain Gay Days to Kids

An easy way to explain to kids at Gay Days is
Sometimes a Prince wants a Princess
Other times a Prince wants a Prince

Happy Gay Days 2010

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Gay Days Event Preview - Stratosphere Universal Party

2009 was the year without a Big Theme Park Party, but 2010 Watermark & Mark Baker are bringing us something NEW.

Stratosphere at Universal Studios
This is the biggest party of the weekend and is attended by 1,000's of guests. The main focus will be at Universal's Music Plaza, which will be turned into Party Central where DJ Tony Moran will keep the energy flowing.

Plus you'll can always take a break from the music and ride these great attractions:
Shrek 4-D, Twister
Revenge of the Mummy
& Rip Ride Rocket - The Newest Universal Roller Coaster

What we like about Stratosphere is the price $75!
They really went out of their way to keep the price down and it is $20 less than the 2008 Disney party. Plus if you want go early and grab dinner at City Walk at Universal - they have a variety of restaurants including Emeril's, Margaritaville, Bubba Gump Shrimp Co., Hard Rock Cafe, Latin Quarter and sports themed eateries too.

We are glad to have the BIG Saturday Night Party Back and Can't Wait to Go!
Learn more about all the Gay Days parties and events.

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Friday, May 21, 2010

Orlando Gay Days Preview - Bear Event Tidal Wave

As part of Gay Days Preview - Today we look at Tidal Wave!

Tidal Wave is the Beach Party for Bears, Cubs, Chubs & Admirers at Gay Days. This unique themed party is in it's 4th year and takes place at Orlando's Wet & Wild Water Park on International Drive.

Here is the Tidal Wave Party Info:
The Tidal Wave Party, the cornerstone bear party of the weekend-long event that is Gay Days® weekend at Disney. The event is organized independently by bears, for bears and our community, and is not formerly affiliated with any club or organization.

This annual exclusive theme-park party will be held Friday, June 4, 2010, from 6pm to midnight. The park will be closed to the public during our private party hours, but any ticket purchased for the Tidal Wave Party will be good for admission to Wet ‘n Wild the entire day.

Wet & Wild is a fun water park and sure be rockin and rolling on Friday night as bears from all over gather to have a great time. As for Music, you'll be enjoying the mixes by Tidal Wave Party DJ’s Danny Gallegos, David Biehl and DJ Cap’n Kirk.

General Admission Tickets run $70 and VIP $90 and ticket prices go up $10 if you but at the door. FYI - VIP tickets are advance purchase only.
Note: This event is held rain or shine

This is a great event that allows you to choose your Friday Night Gay Days Beach Party - Tidal Wave or Let's Go Play. What we love is that you get to choose that one that is right for you.

FYI - Unable to go to Tidal Wave on Friday, then consider attending the Wet Bears Pool Party on Sunday at the Doubletree Resort Orlando.

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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Gay Day 2010 Preview - Chus & Ceballos at House of Blues

Thursday Night kicks off the Gay Days Parties and the biggest Circuit / Dance Party on Thursday is Mark Baker's Party at House of Blues. We have heard it called the Grind party, Wonderland Party and the House of Blues party but what we are sure of is that:

It is Chus & Ceballos Party!
And it starts at 9 pm and runs to 2 am

Anyone who considers himself to be a serious lover of House music has spent many magic hours embracing the infectious sounds of Chus & Ceballos.

Famous for their trademark Iberican sound, a delicious blend of hypnotizing, warm, inviting tribal soundscapes laced with a brilliant use of modern tech elements, Chus & Ceballos have figured out the formula that easily satisfies every punter within the clubbing collective.

Check out some of their music here to see if you like there style.

Purchase tickets for this Mark Baker's Thursday Night Gay Days Event.

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Orlando Gay Days Preview - Beach Party Let's Go Play

Let's Go Play's Beach Party @ Typhoon Lagoon, formerly the Beach Ball party is a Gay Days signature event.

What can be better beach, men and music? Well tan guys in boardshorts, squarecuts and bikinis too. While the guys attending come in all shapes and sizes, this is the reason many of us do a little extra cardio in April and May.

Let's Go Play is on Friday Night from 8 pm - 2 am.
Tickets have been selling briskly and Let's Go Play has gradually stepped up the price of the event and current prices are at $79, which is still less than 2008 when they were $95.

Quick Facts:
Lydia Prim is the DJ for the event
Debbie Holiday is to perform live at the event
And Francillia will also be performing - Will U B Mine
The Wave Pool is Open
The Lazy River is Open
The Rides are Open

June Weather in Orlando
FYI - In many cases thunderstorm season starts in June, but the good news is that storms tend to pass pretty quickly. If it does look like rain, my recommendation is that you make sure that you bring something warm and water proof.

Personally, I love this event when it is dry or after the rain has ended. Buying tickets is a risk but in most cases the weather is good. I missed last years event, but I am happy to be going to this years Beach Party! Hope to see you there.

More to come and check out our full calendar of Gay Days events at

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Gay Days Event Preview - Sunday Night Fasscination @ Hard Rock

I have been on the phone with Mark Baker quite a bit and while he is excited about the entire weekend, he is most excited about the Sunday Night Party - FASSCINATION Party.

I was surprised and after he said it asked "What is so special about the Sunday Night Party?"
Mark response was "This is going to be an event, an experience, you'll love it."

In the past, I looked at Sunday as my P-House night but this year I will be going to Fasscination.

Details on Fasscination at Hard Rock Live
DJ ABEL, Mark Baker, Power Infiniti, Circuit Mom, Jo Jo Infiniti, Kitty Meow, Ross Berger and a whole semi-truck full of state-of-the-art technical equipment are gearing up to take you on the ride of your life.

SPECIAL FEATURE: Omar Gonzalez and Tony Ferro present Bryan Zero in the CLICK Ultra-Lounge. CLICK Ultra-Lounge is open all during FASSCINATION

Shows by New Century Dance Company & Cirque performers.

Based on what Mark shared with me this will be entertainment for all of your senses and from amazing music to video spectacles to performers, you'll be entertained. Check out the Video.

Learn more about all the Gay Days parties and events.

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Monday, May 17, 2010

Bachelorette Parties - Need To Learn To TIP

Hey Girls, Congratulations your best friend is getting married and you've decide to visit a gay bar to see a drag show and go-go boys in dancing in their underwear. Great have a wonderful time!

But remember or learn one thing: TIP
Yes - TIP

The other night I was at Pulse in Orlando and there was a group of 6 - 8 ladies and the bride to be. They were gaga over this one male dancer and he was showing them a great time dancer to them, taking photos and he even jumped down off the stage for a group photo.

And after he got back on the bar to dance they walked away. NO TIP! NOTHING!

I am sorry few things piss me off then seeing such rudeness. Seriously, women need to learn to tip properly and understand that no man is paying for their drinks and they need to step it up an learn to tip. They should have given the dancer at least a $5.

So Bachelorette Parties here are some Gay Bar Tips
- When buying drinks $1 per drink or 20% is standard
- If you take photos from a distance - Tip the Guy at least $1
- If his gives your group attention & group photos $5 is a good start
- Drag Queens - If you like the show tip $1 and if they do something special for you and your group a few extra bucks.

Just be fair and if someone goes out of their way during the Bachelorette Party then go out of your way and say Thank You with a Tip.

Russ J -

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Gay Days Event Reviews - Parliament House aka P-House

There are a lot of events planned for Gay Days, so have do you learn about everything. Well, sign up for my blog and I will be reviewing big and small events at give you information so you can decide what you would like to do during Gay Days. Check out our full calendar of Gay Days events at

We will start with an Orlando Gay landmark Parliament House.

The Parliament House is hosting 4 nights of Gay Days activities.
Thursday Night - Welcome Party (PI at P House) No cover until 11 pm
- They bring in Dawn from PI's Mannequins
- DJ Brianna is outside and DJ Dido in the Disco

Friday Night - $20 Cover
- Debbie Gibson will go on at Midnight or 1 am
Plus Adult Video Stars, Foam Parties, Footlight Players & DJs

Saturday Night - $20 Cover
- Taylor Dayne will go on at 1 am
Plus Adult Video Stars, Foam Parties, Footlight Players & DJs

Sunday Night - $10 after 6 pm
- American Idols Blake Lewis & Frenchie Davis will go on at 11 PM and Midnight
Plus Adult Video Stars, Foam Parties, Footlight Players & DJs

What you need to know:
Parliament House is unique and can be great fun, but know what to expect.
- The crowd is diverse from young studs to bears to older men.
- P House is a hotel and people stay there
- They have a theater, large dance area, 4 smaller bars/serving areas, an outdoor stage where performances take place and have a lot going on. It is kind of a circus & great for people watching.

Crowds tend to run in the 1,000's for Gay Days and pick-up after 10 - 11 pm, so if you are there at 8 pm don't expect a packed house.

Last year saw P House come into it's own and several nights with packed houses. We thought the line-up last year was pretty strong. This year we are a little disappointed about Sunday night but we hope we will be surprised.

Cover charges are fare, since a normal cover charge is $8 and only $20 during Gay Days.

For many Parliament House is like a pilgrimage and you must attend at least one event a year and see Miss Darcel Stevens or your favorite bartender.

And for those going out to P House during the day on Sunday check out the Boy Search at 6 pm. Harmless fun in the Orlando Sun!

More to come and check out our full calendar of Gay Days events at

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Gay Days Hotel Rooms - Selling Out and Booking Faster Than 2009

Well early indications are the Gay Days 2010 is on track to be more successful than 2009.

With Gay Days 3 and half weeks away.
GayDays Host Hotel is Sold Out!
Mark Baker's Wonderland Event - Host Hotel has less than 20 rooms
And word is that Girls in Wonderland is also doing a brisk business.
Learn more about the Gay Days Hotels

With last years tough economy and event meltdowns, it was hard to predict whether Gay Days might loose it's luster. Well to put it simply, I can say the shine is back at Gay Days and they are really pulling at the stops for Gay Days 2010.

More events, the Big Saturday Night party is back, Let's Go Play is back for a second year and tickets are selling well.

And best of ALL is that prices are being held and in some cases are lower. Promoters and hosts really wanted to make an effort to make Gay Days affordable for Orlando residents and visitors.

And the strategy appears to be paying offer as rooms and pre-purchased tickets for several key events are running ahead of Gay Days 2009.

Learn more about getting your Gay Days hotel and all the Gay Days parties and events.

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More Events for Gay Days 2010 and Other Changes

Check out the Full Gay Days Line-Up and the latest:
Parliament House - Concert Line-up Announced
Gay Days Car Show - Added to GayDays 2010
Mari-Con Comic & Collectibles Show - Added!
Gay Days Film Festival Expanded - 2 More Days
Literary Event - Added
Women's Poolside Jams - Added
Villians Brunch Sunday - Added

Friday Costume Party - Pulled
Miss GayDays Pageant - Now Sunday
and much more...

We knew Gay Days is about change but this year is really taking off. New locations, new events and locations are selling out.

Plus - We keep learning of New Events and are checking in on past events to learn if they are in the works or not.

Check our our complete line up for the Gay Days 2010.
We have the complete line up for GayDays, Girls at GayDays, Girls in Wonderland and Mark Bakers - Wonderland!