Monday, June 7, 2010

Orlando Gay Days 2010 is History but 2011 Holds Great Promise!

Orlando's 2010 Gay Days are now behind us and all I can say is WoW what a Weekend!

This year's Gay Days was a blast and after month's of planning seemed way to short. However, I am not sure I could take to many more days of events, but I can say this was my favorite Gay Days to date.

While I haven't got feedback from all of my friends about all the events, I will say "Congrats and Thank You to all involved in Gay Days 2010" and Orlando should thank you to for helping boost the local economy!

I hope this leads to more great events in 2011 and more positive energy. 2011's Gay Days theme is Cowboys and Cowgirls!

And as my friend Kevin said this morning at 5 am at the after party, "Cool I can wear my Chaps!"

Oh My! At least I have 360 days to get ready for that!

J - Visit Gay Orlando

Sunday, June 6, 2010

I am Loving Gay Days 2010

If you came to Orlando's Gay Days this year I hope you can leave with the same feeling I have for this year's Gay Days "Lved It" and I still have a few events to go.

In my opinion Success was a must this year for Orlando's Gay Days and after last years struggles all I can say is Gay Days is back!

First the weather was some of the best in years, while there were a few t-storms in the afternoons they came early and almost all the events. Let's Go Play - beautiful, Magic Kingdom - just a few raindrops and hot but really nice, P House Concerts, Outdoor Stratosphere Party - All Dry and Successful.

Attendance - The events are well attended and the crowds are great, but I would say they are not overcrowded which I enjoyed and this bodes well for Gay Days 2011. Super Host Hotel - One major expo and center for events, expanded events and activities - 3 Pool areas for different groups. The feedback I have heard is it worked out well and most everyone has been pleased with the new location.

Mark Baker Events - He is back and the parties have been lots of fun and high energy. Stratosphere (WaterMark Media & Mark Baker Events) put was so much fun last night I wish more people would have experienced it as it really was well done. DJ Moran did a fantastic job. We are looking forward to Fasscination tonight at Hard Rock.

Parliament House has been doing well too with their Adult Stars, late night Concerts and other attractions. Last year P House came out a big winner as other events faded. This year P House presented a good line-up of former pop singers - Debbie Gibson and Taylor Dayne played to energetic crowds and the place was buzzing. We were there Thursday and it was a perfect start to our Gay Days weekend.

Well, it's about time to get start thinking about dinner and tonight's plans. I will let you know how it goes.

J - Visit Gay Orlando

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Wed & Sat Super Villians Parties - New

When a Party gets added to Gay Days with less than 2 weeks to go, it raises some eyebrows. When two parties with the same theme are added with 2 weeks to go, you have to believe that they know what they are doing or it could be a big bust.

Here is what we know about the Super Villains Parties
1. The 1st One is Wednesday which means that it is the 1st Club Party Event of the Gay Days week. It is geared for locals & Disney cast members as the pay $20 to get in (well those 21 and over). If you are under 18 or a non-resident (of what we are not sure of) then it is $30.
2. The 2nd on is Saturday and called Super Villains Encore

The Event is in Kissimmee so expect a 15 minute ride from Downtown Disney or 20 Plus from SeaWorld - Doubletree Resort.

There are Performances during the night by AntiGravity, which is a Cirque like group. After visiting their website and learning the Pink's Grammy performance was created by an AntiGravity director and that the tour I was more impressed by what this party could be.

However, they leave a lot up in the air.
- Is their a DJ or what type of music is featured? Hip Hop, Remixed Dance, Electronica, etc...
- What is the Legion of Darkness Show? Vague and how can people buzz about the unknown?

The event is run by DreamHawk Productions which we ready couldn't get a read on. The website for the event appears haphazard and does not make you feel like this is a well thought out event.

Last year, Gay Days Reborn - Launched a party at Motion with 2 weeks to go and it just never got off the ground. While the location was good Pleasure Island, they failed to target properly market the event via either the Gaydays or One Mighty Weekend crowd and the result was a disaster as less than 300 people attended the event.

Will Super Villains suffer the same fate, well they have some challenges.
- First while they are on the Gay Days web site, their 1st Party is before the Gay Days Expo opens and people can learn about the event.
- Second they go against some strong Saturday night competition. Stratosphere and P House, but there may be room to have a successful event but they but have a strong showing at the Expo to sway people to attend.

As for me, I am not sure whether to attend this event or just rest up for the big weekend. It could be a sleeper success or another Gay Days bust but only time will tell.