Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween Events at Orlando Gay Bars

A Quick run down of Halloween Events happening this weekend at Orlando's Gay Bars.
If you have your Halloween costume make sure you head to where you can score the biggest cash awards for the Best Halloween Costumes.

Friday October 28th
Pulse Nightclub- Platinum Thriller Friday $200 Halloween Costume Contest

Mr. Sisters - Asylum Weekend (Costume Contest is Saturday) Nightly Balloon drops with cash prizes inside!

Saturday October 29th
Mr. Sisters - Asylum Weekend - Costume Contest is Saturday - Grand Prize is a Cruise for Two!
Nightly Balloon drops with cash prizes inside!

Parliament House - Halloween Part 1
Halloween Costume Contest - $1,000 Winner Take All!

Pulse Nightclub- Pulsate Halloween $200 Halloween Costume Bash
Sunday October 30th
Mr. Sisters - Asylum Weekend (Costume Contest is Saturday) Nightly Balloon drops with cash prizes inside!

Monday October 31st
Parliament House - Halloween Part 2
Halloween Costume Contest - $3,000 Winner Take All!

Rus J

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Altar Boyz Review - Off Braodway Musical Playing at The Abbey

Altar Boyz is playing at The Abbey now through mid-November. I had an opportunity to catch the show last Friday and want to give you my take. The musical was Winner of the 2005 Outer Critics Circle Award for Outstanding Off-Broadway Musical. The show tells the story of the boy band trying spread the word one concert at a time and this is the last concert of their world tour.

Altar Boyz opens up with the band, Matthew, Mark, Luke, Juan and Abraham, singing and dancing through 3 high energy numbers and then breaks into various stops and starts where you learn about how the band got together and they deal with various personal issues why trying to save the souls of the audience.

The dancing was impressive and well choreographed, the actors had pleasing harmonies, the volume was just right for The Abbey’s stage and the songs were all very well themed to a Christian boy band.

However while the story was entertaining it didn’t pull me in enough to feel vested in the characters. In addition the actor’s characters were so stereotypical that there were no real character surprises, so it was easy to spot the Christian gay guy who has yet to come out and immediately discern that the muscle guy wasn’t very smart. It was so cliché that I left wishing that they had challenged me more.

Overall, I enjoyed the high energy of the show, the music and interaction between the cast and for that I think it is worth going out of your way to see it during its limited run. The story behind the musical is average and could be strengthen, but noting that this is supposed to take place during a concert it is hard to develop that dialogue unless they added some backstage scenes to the show.

A few key points to address about the show:
The music is Christian oriented but with songs like “Girl You Make Me Wanna Wait” and “Jesus Called Me On My Cell Phone” it is very tongue and cheek.

I think the show is more enjoyable with a friend then going by yourself, as there are several moments that will make you look at someone and say did you see that.

Just to be clear the musical is not a gay musical, it is just a musical and is entertaining for all adult audiences. I would say that if you are Catholic, you will get more of the jokes.

About the Venue:
The Abbey is a pleasant surprise as I have walked by many times and thought it was a long skinny bar and a stage area. However in the bar and lounge area you are comforted by dark tones, leather furniture and a stunning stained glass light fixture that makes this place a hidden gem.

Tickets can be purchased at the location if seats are available.
Seating includes rows of chairs and a table seating area as well. This works well for a multi purpose venue and we and most of the audience preferred the tables as you could enjoy your drinks while enjoying the show.

About the Production:
Florida Theatrical Association, in partnership with TRUE Marketing and Artful Events, presents the international hit musical ALTAR BOYZ. Show runs from October 12 through November 13

The production of ALTAR BOYZ playing at The Abbey is directed by Steve MacKinnon with choreography by Kim Ball. Featuring a book by Kevin Del Aguila,  music and lyrics by Gary Adler and Michael Patrick Walker and conceived by Marc Kessler and Ken Davenport, ALTAR BOYZ made its official Off-Broadway debut on March 1, 2005. After five laugh-packed years and 2,032 performances, Altar Boyz closed Off-Broadway on January 10, 2010, but continued its side-splitting run with national United States tours and international resident productions in Korea, Hungary, Finland, Australia, Montreal and the Philippines.

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Steel Nightclub Closes in less than 3 Months, What Went Wrong?

Steel Nightclub Opened just before Gay Days in June and Closed before Labor Day.

The owners of Steel invested a lot of money to create a great looking bar, sweet accents and had an attractive staff, but how did it go wrong so fast?

1. Location, Location, Location
Hidden away behind and beneath the Bank of America building, no Club has been able to make that location work. Plus it is off the beaten path and there are safety concerns and who knew where to park. Other downtown bars are at least 3 blocks away and Steel just didn't offer enough to get patrons to risk the walk.

2. Alternative vs Gay Bar
They wanted to be know as an Alternative Bar and not a Gay Bar, however if you ever went in the place you knew it was a Gay bar, however the Alternative Bar downtown is I-Bar and the crowd that might have embraced Steel as alternative stayed at their favorite watering hole and never ventured to the isolated Steel Orlando. And as for local gays, they just never embraced Steel, it might have been it was so hidden that it wasn't worth the effort to discover verse Orlando's other established locations.

3. Service
The one time I did venture to Steel, I must say I felt like I inconvenienced the bartender from doing nothing. Our group of five arrived and basically doubled the number of people in the bar on a Sunday night and I waited 2 - 3 minutes as the bartender completed a story (not a drink order), then turned around to move some bottles and then when he was ready take an order. My thought was I don't want to come back here.

4. Outdoor Area
While the inside of Steel was beautiful the outdoor area facing the train tracks reminded me more of a jail yard / trailer park with it's chain link fence and plastic outdoor furniture. It just didn't match and kind of screamed, we don't care about this area or we ran out of money. Basically, it was set up for smokers and not for relaxation.

Overall, I was excited when Steel opened up. Finally a gay bar downtown, however after my first visit I just never found a reason to go back; To Far, Didn't Feel Welcome and Didn't Like It Was Hidden. I wanted it to succeed, I wanted to walk to my local gay club, but all in all it was not meant to be.

While I think downtown Orlando is ready for a Gay Club, I don't believe it should be hidden away from the general public in a back alley behind a bank. I think it can survive in the downtown bar district and survive with a mix of gay and straight patrons walking through the door who just want a great time and music.

Steel Orlando had one of the shortest nightclub runs in all of Orlando and it is sad, but with so many missteps it is not hard to see why they did not succeed. To future bar owners, learn from their mistakes and good luck. Steel Orlando - RIP

Rus J

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Drag Queens Terrorize Orlando Fabric Stores

Oh Girl, "No they Didn't"
"Oh Yes They Did!"

In my "Only in Orlando" Segment I read in amazement at this breaking news story of; brace yourselves...

Drag Queens Gone Bad! Yes, gangs of Drag Queens have been terrorizing local fabric stores stealing boas, filmy fabric, sequins, bras and feather boas.

In an off the record interview, we also discovered that this Drag Queen Gang, was also known for using the phrases "HeyGirl!," HeyGirl, check this out" and "HeyGirl, I must have this!."

Several members of the store's staff who are unauthorized to speak to the media, told us they were often terrorized while the Drag Queen Gang roamed the stores, however many times they were helpful in pointing out tacky shoes, offering fashion advice and once they even gave out free skin care samples.

The Drag Queens often would order yards of fabric, that cost as much as $39.99 a yard, and then stuff it in their man purses and leave! One clerk was noted as saying, "Oh, gosh, they could wipe out a whole section of boas in seconds..."

Well let it be known that Truth, Justice and Better Dressed Inmates have come to Orlando since these purse wielding, wig wearing and heavy base makeup criminals have been removed from the streets of Orlando. Now hopefully Fabric Stores across our great city can relax knowing that this gang is behind bars.

Rus J

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Fasscination Sunday Night Gay Days Party is the Event!

Hopefully your flight is Monday so you will be able to experience one of Wonder World's Marquee events Fasscination a party that is sure to tempt the body and soul.

With DJ Pagano and Peter Rauhofer you won't be able to stand still and as with any Mark baker event he is working to impress and exceed what has been done before so expect the unexpected at the Hard Rock Live Sunday Night. Tickets are still available, get more details for Fasscination here.

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Visit Gay Orlando and be sure to check out all the Orlando Gay Days Week Events

Friday, June 3, 2011

Tickets To Epcot Retro T Sold Out!

The 1st year Retro T Party at Epcot has sold out!

Congratulations for Let's Go Play creating a new and unique event that allows the Epcot experience to be unique for those visiting for Gay Days.

So it looks like this might become an annual event.

Rus J
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Gay Days Saturday Night Parties, Concerts, Variety Shows - It's Gay Days Your Way

Saturday Night offers a lot of options ranging from the big party at Universal to a Variety Show at Hamburger Mary's here is a quick list of Saturday night options for you and your friends.

1. Stay at the Magic Kingdom - Open til Midnight!
2. Matinee IBIZA Rising - Universal Studios - Wonder World Party
3. Salt N Pepa - Parliament House
4. Deborah Cox - Mr. Sisters
5. Leigh Shannon Variety Drag Show - Hamburger Mary's
6. Taylor Swift Concert - Amway Arena
7. Eufuria, Bear Dance - DoubleTree
8. And if you sleep through the early evening - You can still hit Tunnel - the After Hours party starts at 1 am!

Check out more details for these Saturday Night Gay Weekend Events here.

Rus J
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Saturday Gay Days Events if Not Disney Then What

21 years ago, friends wearing red gathered at Disney's Magic Kingdom to celebrate a Gay Day. This one day has now become Gay Days with the highlight of the weekend being going to the Magic Kingdom on the first Saturday of June.

But, (oh my) what if you don't want to go to the Magic Kingdom to join the see of Red? Well good news Gay Days has grown so big that you have plenty of daytime options including :

1. Pool Parties at the Gay Days Host Hotel, DoubleTree and WonderWorld Host Hotel, Buena Vista Palace. For outside guests costs can run $20 to 30 or more per pool party.

2. Gay Days Expo, Car Show & Literary Events all are happening at the DoubleTree Hotel! Get a few more details on these Gay Days events here.

3. Other options include sleeping in (Lots of Events on Saturday Night), Shopping, go to the Cocoa Beach and dare I say head over to Universal to check out The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Saturday's light day schedule is a reflection of many guests visiting the Magic Kingdom. We'll be there and hope you can make it this year too.

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Matinee Ibiza Rising is the Big Saturday Night Gay Days Party

Get ready for a great night at Universal Studios at Mark Baker's Matinee IBIZA Rising.

To say Mark knows how to how a party is an understatement and as he told me expect to be impressed as Taito Tikaro (Ibiza) and Hector Fonseca (NYC) rock Universal.

Mark has brought in the Matinee Dancers from IBIZA, Spain and added design elements to make this event one you won't want to miss.

And when you need a break you can ride some of Universal's Favorite Attractions The Hollywood Rip Ride Rocket and Revenge of the Mummy til 1 am.

Universal offers a great open air stage with plenty of room for thousands of men. Get your ticket now for Matinee IBIZA Rising now or at the Mark Baker Host Hotel $85.

Rus J

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Thursday, June 2, 2011

10 Ways to Spend Your Friday at Orlando's Gay Days

10 Options for Gay Days Friday in Orlando. Try something new, relax, go have fun or check out a show and make your own fun.

1. Get something for Free! Head to the Gay Days Expo and get a some samples, enter to win something, check out the men and meet a few people. It's Free and at the DoubleTree. Starts at Noon

2. Bear Vendor Fair, a new event, if you are a Bear, Cub, Chubb or Admirer than this vendor fair may offer you what you are looking for. Royal Plaza Hotel on Disney Property.

3. Get Wet at a Pool Party - Liquid Pool Party at Buena Vista Palace, Velocity at DoubleTree and there is a Bears Pool Party at DoubleTree. Costs vary by events.

4. Literary Festival - Feed the mind at a Literary Event at the DoubleTree 2 pm and take a break from the sun.

5. Drag Race or Mini Golf - Grab some guys and cruise up International Drive to the Fun Spot and race go karts on the wooden track or check out Congo River Mini Golf where you can bet to see who gets the first hole in one. I-Drive is full of mini-tourist attractions so go explore and have fun.

6. Cirque du Soleil La Nouba & Happy Hour - Check out an amazing show at La Nouba at Downtown Disney and then before or after your show meet up with Gay Days attendees for Happy Hout 7:30 - 8:30 at Planet Hollywood.

7. RipTide at Typhoon Lagoon - Gay Days biggest Splash Bash. Join over 4,000 guys having a blast underneath the stars. More Riptide details.

8. CowPoke Boogie - The Gay Days theme party takes place at the DoubleTree starting at 9 pm. Expect Country Music, Line Dancing and lots of reasons why it's good to be a Cowboy.

9. Local Flavor - Orlando Gay Bars provide a mix of events for Gay Days - Revolution has Latin Explosion, Pulse has Hip Hop Night, Parliament House bring in Adult Stars, Jessica Sutta and Blake Lewis and Mr. Sisters has Kristine W. and Kimberly Locke

10. Friday Night After Hours - Tunnel @ Buena Vista Palace starts at 1 am and lasts til 8 am!

Whether you want to start early or late their are lots of Gay Days activities going on for a complete list of Orlando's Friday Men's Schedule view our calendar of events.

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Abercrombie & Fitch Clothing Prices Creeping Up

With the arrival of Gay Days in Orlando, I had to swing by A&F just to see if there were any bargains on the clearance rack. While I didn't find any deals today I did notice that for the first time since 2008 Abercrombie is raising prices and factoring in future sale price points.

Long Sleeve Dress Shirts
Were $70, Now $78
First Markdown price was $49.90 now $59.90

Short Sleeve T-Shirts
Were $24 to $36 now $26 to $40!
First Markdown prices will now be $19.90 and $29.90 rather than $15.90 and $24.90!

A&F Polos are moving up too!
Most were in the $60 ranges but the new price moves them to $68 and $70
First Markdown pricing will now be $49.90 rather than $39.90

I knew prices would increase because the cost of cotton is going up and while I do love the cut and feel of an Abercrombie products, I am not sure I can still afford new or first markdown prices. Thank goodness they have 2nd markdowns.

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Womens Events Get Underway at Orlando Gay Days Weekend

Women from across the state and the US are arriving in Florida for Gay Days weekend and if you arriving on Thursday here are various Gay Days women's events and ideas for Thursday.

Arrive in the am or early afternoon, then go check out the Gay Days Expo at the DoubleTree Hotel. The Expo starts at noon and showcases over 100 vendors. Other afternoon options include shopping at the outlets, Orlando malls or building your tans for the weekend.

Evening Events include:
The Bud Light Happy Hour for Marriott Village guests
Meet hotel guests from 5 - 7 pm

Girls at GayDays Welcome Pool Party
This evening pool party starts at 8 pm in the women's wing of the DoubleTree Hotel.

Traffic Jam Dance Party
Beacham Theater Downtown Orlando (formerly Tabu), there is a shuttle for Wonderland guests. Guest DJs and Baby Blue.

Want to know more about Gay Days events, view our complete Women's Gay Days Event Calendar.

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Orlando Gay Days Reves Up With a Variety of Events

Orlando Gay Days really starts to kick off today with a variety of events, pool parties and the opening of the Gay Days Expo.

Check Out These Men's Thursday Gay Days Events:

Gay Days Expo opens at the DoubleTree around noon.
Check out 100 or more gay friendly vendors.

A Taste of Gay Days starts at 6 pm
Enjoy beer, wines, spirits and hors d'oeuvres in a unique environment. A fun way to sample beverages and meet fellow Gay Days attendeees. 21 and older. DoubleTree

Mari-Con Comics and Collectibles Show 7:30 pm - 10:30 pm
This second annual show is presented by What's Happening magazine and will be held at the DoubleTree hotel.

2011 Miss Gay Days Pageant 9:30 pm
Come one, come all and go see who gets crowned Miss Gay Days 2011 held at the DoubleTree Hotel.

Blu Skyyy Party 9:30 PM
Mark Baker kicks off his first big party of the weekend at the Buena Vista Palace with Top DJs from LA and Miami

These are just some of the Gay Days events happening on Thursday to find out more concerning pool parties, where porn stars will be and local bar events go to Visit Gay Orlando.

See You at The Expo and Events

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Kelly Rowland Out - Kristine W. & Kimberly Locke In at Mr. Sisters Gay Days Friday

Last Minute Change for Mr. Sisters Gay Days Line-Up!

Kelly Rowland Cancels Appearance at Mr. Sisters on June 3rd.
Kelly also has cancelled here performance at Capital Pride, on June 12th, as well.
The Scoop: Based on the filming of The X Factor in Europe she was forced to cancel the shows. So basically she overbooked herself and waited until Late May 31st or June 1st to let Mr. Sisters know.

Thankfully Kristine W. & Kimberly Locke will now being performing on the Mr. Sisters stage on Friday.

Hopefully Kelly Rowland fans will not hold this against Mr. Sisters as Kelly made the call and it was out of their hands. In Entertainment these things can happen, but the fact that Mr. Sisters was able to have such a great backup plan really shows they are a first class act.

Rus J
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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Blu Skyyy - First Big Gay Days Party Thursday Night

Mark Baker is kicking off Gay Days on Thursday Night with his Blu Skyyy Party at the Buena Vista Palace.

Get your weekend started at Club 27 and listne to the beats of The Perry Twins and Kidd Madonny. The Blu Skyyy party starts 9 pm and lasts until 3 am. Price $30!

The Perry Twins, Doug and Derek, are DJs/Producers based in LA.
They have spent a decade spinning music and have produced #1 Club Hits.

Kidd Madonny is a Miami based DJ and has been a DJ since 2005.
His musical style is a blend of vocals, disco house remixes, progressive house, electro and tribal.

With these DJ's you are not going want to leave the dance floor and at Club 27 you want have too. So kick start your Gay Days weekend Thursday night with Blu Skyyy and enjoy.

Rus J
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What You Need To About Gay Days Pool Parties

Orlando Gay Days is Disney, Club Events, Socializing and Pool Parties.

This year there are over 20 pool parties at various host hotels in Orlando, but if you never attended a pool party or this is your first Gay Days what should you expect and what do you need to know.

We have put together a list for What You Need to Know about Gay Days Pool Parties so you won't be caught off guard.

1. In most cases registered host hotel guests with Gay Days, Tidal Wave Weekend and Mark Baker Events get in for free or for a reduced rate. Guests from other hotels will (in most cases) pay to attend the pool parties.

2. Cost of Gay Days pool parties vary from single pool party admission of $20 - $30 in advance and at the door prices can run $40! If you plan on attending several pool parties at one location, consider saving money by purchasing a weekend pass. Passes can run $55 to over $100.

3. Pools like bars have capacity limits and if the pool is packed you may not be able to purchase a pool party ticket until the crowds subside. Based on the weather forecast, expect the pools to be busy.

4. Bring ID, Bring Sunscreen, Bring Money for Drinks and you may want to bring your own towel but hold on to it as they will be in hot demand.

5. Swimsuits - The most common swimsuit attire is boardshorts and squarecut trunks, but for those who can pull it off bikini swim briefs are acceptable too. Just know your comfort level and when in doubt wear your casual suit to the pool and bring the sexy one to change into if you are in the mood.

6. No when Pool Parties Start and End. The Gay Days host hotel offers 2 Pool Parties a day and they tend to run from noon to 6 pm and 6 pm to 2 am or later. So plan ahead to arrive at a time when you can fully enjoy the party and get your money's worth.

7. If possible go with a buddy or friends, just in case you or they have to much to drink it is always good to have someone looking out for you.

8. Buy your own drinks and keep them with you. I am not saying that anything will happen, but I tend to play things safe and your drink can't be knocked over, accidentally picked up by the pool staff or another guest or splashed by pool water if it's with you.

9. Be friendly and say hello - Surprise most people are meeting for the first time so it's a great event to say hello to just about anyone. Plus if you are friendly and outgoing they are likely to be too.

Here for the full Gay Days Pool Party list for Men and for the Women's Pool Parties here.

And enjoy a complete list of the Orlando Gay Weekend Calendar here.
Enjoy and have fun.

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RuPaul's Drag Race Queens Coming to Orlando for Gay Days

If you have been a fan of RuPaul's Drag Race then you might be pleased by the various Drag Race contestants that will be in Orlando for Gay Days.

Several of the Orlando Gay Clubs will be hosting events with these popular Drag Queens.

Friday June 3rd at Pulse Orlando
RB & Hip Hop Night
Tyra Sanchez - Season 2 Winner
Shangela - Contestant Season 2

Saturday June 4th at Pulse Orlando
House Music with DJ Scott Robert
Tyra Sanchez - Season 2 Winner
Shangela - Contestant Season 2

Sunday June 5th at Mr. Sisters
Yara Sofia - Contestant Season 3
Raja - Season 3 Winner
Alexis Mateo - Contestant Season 3
Morgan McMichaels - Contestant Season 2
Manila Luzon - Contestant Season 3

So if you are not going to the big parties and what to head out to see something else check out some of RuPaul's favorite Drag Race Contestants and Winners at Pulse or Mr. Sisters.

Rus J
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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Orlando Gay Days Biggest Beach Party - Riptide Friday Night

Gay Days biggest beach party, RipTide, takes place on Friday night at Typhoon Lagoon.

This marquee event at one of Orlando's best water parks, brings together over 4,000 guests under the stars and with great music by DJ Randy Bettis.

Now you can choose whether you want to ride the slides, hit the wave pool or hit the dance floor, what ever you choose you'll have a great time.

Here are some tips for first timers attending RipTide at Typhoon Lagoon
- Rent a locker, it costs around $10 but it is worth it.
- Just in case have a warm shirt just in case, sometimes 70 does feel chilly.
- Know that you must get chips first and then buy drinks with them

The RipTide Party is my favorite pool event and it is always a blast.
Tickets can be purchased online but must be picked up at the will call. Tickets for Riptide should also be available at the Gay Days Expo at the DoubleTree Gay Days Host Hotel.

More great news for those attending Let's Go Play's RipTide Party at Orlando Gay Days. The weather is projected to be excellent. 90 degree days and 80's in the early evening. I know weather can change but I am so excited for excellent weather!

So this Friday, grab your favorite swim suit and join over 4,000 sexy men for a night on and in the water!

Rus J Visit Gay Orlando - Your resource for Gay Orlando Vacation Information

For Some Gay Days is all about Harry Potter and Star Tours

I was chatting with some friends from Chicago who are heading to Orlando for Gay Days and I was asking them what event are they most excited about?

They smirked and said while we are going to several parties we really want to visit Harry Potter at Universal. Surprise, surprise a lot people I know are excited to visit Orlando for the theme parks this year and the Gay Days events are and added bonus.

For fans of the boy wizard Harry Potter and Star Wars fans this Gay Days definitely offers something new and exciting.

Last June 18th, Universal Studio's Island's of Adventure opened the Wizarding World of Harry Potter to rave reviews, an amazing ride, Hogsmeade shops and cups full of butterbeer. Attendance to the Wizarding World has been gigantic and the experience is well worth it if you are a Harry Potter fan.

For Star Wars fans, Disney's Hollywood Studios relaunched Star Tours just in time for Star Wars Weekend. The new Star Tours has over 50 different experiences so it is almost never the same ride twice and the technology has been upgraded to make this experience better than ever.

So this year, head to the theme parks and enjoy some of the best news attractions Orlando has seen in years.

Rus J
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What You Need to Know About Parking for Mr. Sister's Gay Days Events

Mr. Sisters is a fabulous bar!

It has a great sound system, an amazing deck on the lake, good food and food special, friendly bartenders and hot male dancers, but what it lacks is parking.

For such an amazing club, they only have 50 - 60 parking spots and on event and weekend nights the main parking lot can be valet only. So here is what you need to know when attending an event at Mr. Sisters for Gay Days.

1. Except for the Gay Days Kick Off Party Tuesday night don't expect to be able to park at Mr. Sisters. You'll need to park at the Rooms To Go lot (after 9 pm), the Workforce Lot and several other lots on the south side of Route 50 (East Colonial). Based on web site notes there will be Event Parking signs for the weekend events, once you park you can take the shuttle to Mr. Sisters or walk.

2. FYI - If are heading East on 50 and you pass Mr. Sisters, don't panic, just take the Semoran Blvd exit and remain in the left lane at all times, as the far left lane is just a giant U-turn and you can easily get turned around with ease.

3. Important Park on the Mr. Sisters / Rooms To Go / South side of Route 50. Route 50 is not a safe street to cross at Mr. Sisters, it is 9 lanes across and several pedestrians have been hit crossing the road.

4. DO NOT PARK in neighborhood yards. Complaints have been filed by local residents about people parking in peoples yards on the north side of Route 50. If you do this during Gay Days be warned you park at your own risk and your could be fined and your car towed. Park in Event Parking.

5. Seriously Have a Designated Driver or take a Cab - Mr. Sisters is 10 minutes from downtown, 30 minutes from the DoubleTree and 45 minutes from Disney Property. The police are well aware of Mr. Sisters and it's Gay Days Events, to say that they will be paying attention to driver's leaving those lots would be an understatement. Have a Designated Driver and get back to the hotels safely.

6. Last Note: Except for Bottle Water toss all other cups and trash when you leave the club. There is no need to toss it in on the ground and have it later be blown on the highway or into the lake. Thanks in advance.

Mr. Sister's has a great Gay Days line up, but just plan ahead so you know where to park so you can enjoy the shows and do it safely.

Rus J
VisitGayOrlando - Visit Us for a complete Gay Days Party Line Up

Monday, May 30, 2011

Over 50 Events Scheduled for Orlando Gay Days Weekend!

Visitors are already arriving in Orlando for the 21st Orlando Gay Days and while many might be planning to attend 1 or 2 parties, many still have an open schedule. That is where Visit Gay Orlando comes in, we have a simple calendar that lets you check out pool parties, local clubs and the big Gay Days event by the day or by the event type.

Where else are you going to find out about the:
21 Men's Gay Days Pool Parties
10 Men's Gay Days Dance Parties
P-House and Mr. Sisters Special Events and Performers that include Kelly Rowland, Deborah Cox, Salt N Pepa and more.

11 Women's Gay Days Pool Parties
4 Women's Gay Days Dance Parties

Plus Florida Sunshine, Literary Events, Mari-Con, Expos, Miss Gay Days, Taste of Gay Days and more. Visit Gay Orlando lists more Gay Days events then anyone so you can plan out your afternoon, day and weekend.

During the week we will blog and tweet about this week's events and where the team is hanging out.

Rus J
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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Steel Nightclub Opens Tonight in Orlando

After many delays Steel Nightclub is finally opening tonight in Orlando. If you are visiting and want to visit the newest club, then this could be a great event for you as there will be plenty going on.

DJ Jerry Collin will be rocking the house.
Tasha and Friends will perform at 10:30
Parking at H2O Church but I have no idea where that is.

So where is Steel Nightclub?
It is behind the Bank of America on Orange Ave., towards the railroad tracks.
At 360 State Lane, Orlando 32801

State Street parallels Orange Ave. and is between Livingston and Robinson streets; blink and you will miss it.

As for parking you can check out H2O Church or park on Orange Avenue or maybe on State Lane.

FYI - For more detail check out their Facebook page as that is kept up to date, when I tried to connect to the web site I encountered download issues.

Last Congrats to Steel Nightclub Orlando's newest hotspot.

Rus J
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One Week Til Orlando Gay Days!

I am in Chicago with work and it's a chilly 45 degrees, yes 45 degrees and how I can't wait to get back to Orlando and get ready for Gay Days.

Right now just the idea of pool parties and sunshine is so appealing that I almost want to head back today, but I can't as the conference continues on.

Anyways I am looking forward to the next week and the dozens of Gay Days events happening in Orlando. Check out the complete calendar at Visit Gay Orlando.

Rus J

Monday, May 23, 2011

Final Gay Days Orlando Hotel Update

With less than two weeks to go, I am seeing and hearing a mixed bag of messages Gay Days Host Hotels.

I have friends who have called and been told that rooms are Sold Out and yet I am able to select rooms online and proceed to booking them without issues. So I have to believe most the online information is correct.

Here is the updated run down for Gay Days Host Hotels.
Please note the overall number of Host Hotels and rooms for the event is up, so know that we expect more people at Gay Days 2011 than last year.

1. DoubleTree Resort - International Drive - GayDays Host Hotel
All Pool View Rooms for Men and Bear sections are Sold Out, but a few Premium Exterior Hotel Rooms still remain.
Tower Rooms and Exterior Rooms still available, but limited supply.
Women's Wing still has the most options available for Gay Days.

Scoop - All Men's wings and the tower rooms are very close to being sold out, women's wing is doing well but still many options available for Gay Days.

2. Buena Vista Palace @ Walt Disney World - Wonder World Host Hotel
Pool View Rooms are sold out and bookings are ahead of 2010 (Good news is that they moved to a bigger hotel) Web site states that $169 a night rooms are available as well as Jr. Exec Rooms
. Supply is limited and they have booked more than twice the hotel rooms as last year, so expect to see a lot of men there and be sure to enjoy the pool parties and after hour events without ever leaving the hotel grounds.

3. Royal Plaza Hotel - WDW - Host Hotel for Tidal Wave Party Weekend
This is a new event and a host hotel for Bears and Cubs - according to the web site the hotel is 2/3 sold out as of 5/15. (That's about 270 rooms out of 394) Benefit of this hotel Bear pool parties, vendor fair and onsite events.

Based on our estimates, we expect the hotel to be about 85% - 90% booked for Gay Days. If good weather is predicted they could sell out fo rthe event, but it looks like you might be able to book during the week of Orlando's Gay Days.

4. Best Western Lake Buena Vista Resort Hotel - WDW - Host Hotel for Bear Daze
Rooms are still available

5. Courtyard Marriot & Fairfield Inn at Marriott Village - Girls in Wonderland
Rooms at still available. A Facebook post stated that they only have 15 rooms left, but we were unable to confirm this. If that is true, expect the Girls in Wonderland to be Sold Out by the end of this week.

For the guys the Host Hotels now have slim pickings, but rooms are available.
For the ladies there are still rooms at both hotels but Wonderland appears to be in higher demand and we expect them to sell out. Girls at Gay Days should have rooms until early next week.

So plan now for your Gay Days Vacation and come visit us in Orlando for a fabulous weekend.

Find out more about Orlando's Gay Days Weekend at
We offer a complete day by day calendar and more concerning Gay Days 2011!

Rus J -

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Busy Adding New Events to Gay Days Calendar

Just a quick note to let you know we are updating the Gay Days calendar to include new event and scrap all the unconfirmed events.

FYI - The Literary Events are on for Friday, Saturday and Sunday
A Cowboy Boogie has been added to the event list!
The Sunday Motorcycle ride is back and much more.

I will also be reviewing the Orlando Gay Days hotel status later today as well, so stay tuned for more updates.

Visit Gay Orlando

Friday, April 8, 2011

Orlando Gay Days Hotel Updates 2011

It's time for a Orlando Gay Days Hotel Update.

So here is the skinny on Hotel rooms for the unofficial Disney Gay Days.

1. DoubleTree Resort - International Drive - GayDays Host Hotel
All Pool View Rooms for Men and Bear sections are Sold Out.
Tower Rooms and Exterior Rooms still available
Women's Wing still has rooms available.

Scoop - Sales are ahead of Gay Days 2010.

2. Buena Vista Palace @ Walt Disney World - Wonder World Host Hotel
Pool View Rooms are sold out and bookings are ahead of 2010 (Good news is that they moved to a bigger hotel) Web site states that $149 a night rooms are available as well as Jr. Exec Rooms

3. Royal Plaza Hotel - WDW - Host Hotel for Tidal Wave Party Weekend
This is a new event and a host hotel for Bears and Cubs - hotel is 1/3 sold out based on the web site.

4. Best Western Lake Buena Vista Resort Hotel - WDW - Host Hotel for Bear Daze
Rooms are still available

5. Courtyard Marriot & Fairfield Inn at Marriott Village - Girls in Wonderland
Rooms at still available.

The two biggest host hotels are the Gay Days and Wonder World Host hotels and booking are running ahead of last year. Based on current trends we expect the DoubleTree to sell out within 3 - 4weeks and the giant Buena Vista Palace might sell out in late May.

So plan now for your Gay Days Vacation and come visit us in Orlando for a fabulous weekend.

Find out more about Orlando's Gay Days Weekend at
We offer a complete day by day calendar and more concerning Gay Days 2011!

Rus J -

Parliament House Announces Orlando Gay Days Line Up

The Parliament House has finally released their Gay Days line up for Orlando's Gay Days 2011. Good news if you love the Foam Party, Adult Video Stars, Unique Vendors and the Footlight Players then these entertainers are just an added bonus!

Thursday June 2nd
PI at P House
PI has taken over as an the Kick Off Party spot for Gay Days and is the perfect way to connect with friends before the weekends big events.

Jessica Sutta & Blake Lewis - Friday June 3rd
Jessica Sutta from Pussycat Dolls
Blake Lewis from American Idol
$15 in Advance / $20 at the Door

Salt N Pepa - Saturday June 4th
Oh yes they are here - "Shoop", "Push It" and "Let's Talk About Sex" are just some of their hits and they all seem to perfect for Gay Days 2011!
$20 in Advance / $25 at the Door

Kat Deluna - Sunday June 5th
- Kat recently released "Dancing Tonight", the hit "Whine Up" and other Dance Tracks
Free before 6 pm and then $10 - Concerts start at midnight or later

Find out more about Orlando's Gay Days Weekend at
We offer a complete day by day calendar and more concerning Gay Days 2011!
Plus it's not to late to book your Gay Days Orlando Hotel - Host Hotels

Rus J -

Mr. Sisters Announces Gay Days Line Up!

Mr. Sisters, Orlando's newest gay entertainment center, has announced it's first Gay Days line up and all I can say is Mr. Sisters is bringing in the talent.

Kelly Rowland will be at Mr. Sisters on Friday June 3rd.
- Founding Member of Destiny's Child
- Successful Solo Recording Artist and best known for "When Love Takes Over" (2009)
Tickets $29

Deborah Cox will be at Mr. Sisters on Saturday June 4th
- R&B Recording Artist
- Hits "Nobody's Supposed to be Here" "Absolutely Not" among others.
Tickets $29

On Sunday June 5th enjoy DJ Joannie & The Girls of RuPaul's Drag Race
- A sure way to be entertained!
Tickets $20

More Details to come on these events.

Find out more about Orlando's Gay Days Weekend at
We offer a complete day by day calendar and more concerning Gay Days 2011!

Rus J -

Friday, April 1, 2011

Orlando Gay Days 2011 DJ Line Up Announced

We are now 2 months out from Orlando's Gay Days and one thing is clear there will be more DJ diversity than I can recall and it is impressive. However, the improved line up does come at increased ticket prices for outside guests.

Gay Days Universal Party 2010While it appears that top comedy acts have fallen by the wayside at this years Gay Days, it appears that the focus has been on DJ Talent. The DJ list at Mark Baker and Gay Days pool party events have been upgraded and the result is Mark Baker's Wonder World will be bringing in talent from across the globe and Gay Days pool parties are importing talent from around the US.

Here is a list of DJ Talent coming to Orlando for Gay Days and the events they will be at.

Wednesday at the Gay Days DoubleTree host hotel.
Afternoon Pool Party DJ Brianna - Local Orlando Talent welcome early Gay Days guests
Evening Pool Party DJ Joshua Bula from Atlanta - Podcasts

Gay Days Afternoon Pool Party DoubleTree host hotel
DJ Brett Locascio - Chicago
DJ Fierce Tease - Louisville, KY

Gay Days Thursday Night Pool Party DoubleTree host hotel
DJ Andy Ajar - Fort Lauderdale

Wonder World BluSkYYY Party - Buena Vista Palace
Perry Twins and Kidd Madonny - LP

Gay Days Afternoon Pool Party DoubleTree host hotel
DJ Brianna Lee - Orlando
DJ Jason Jensen - Orlando

Gay Days Friday Night Pool Party DoubleTree host hotel
DJ David Knapp - The Original Circuit DJ

Wonder World Liquid Pool Party
Wayne G - UK
Luke Johnstone - UK & San Francisco

RipTide @ Typhoon Lagoon
DJ Randy Bettis - NYC

Wonder World After Hours Tunnel Party - Buena Vista Palace
DJ Paulo

Gay Days Afternoon Pool Party DoubleTree host hotel

Gay Days Friday Night Pool Party DoubleTree host hotel
DJ Lydia Prim - Orlando
DJ Joe Gauthreaux - Orlando

Wonder World Liquid Pool Party - Buena Vista Palace
Manny Lehman
Rafael Calvente

Mark Baker's MATINEE: IBIZA RISING at Universal Studios
Taito Tikaro - Ibiza
Hector Fonseca - NYC

Wonder World After Hours Tunnel Party
DJ Abel

Gay Days Afternoon Pool Party DoubleTree host hotel
DJ Kimberly S
DJ Joe Gauthreaux - Orlando

Gay Days Night Pool Party DoubleTree host hotel
DJ Seth Cooper

Wonder World Liquid Pool Party - Buena Vista Palace

Wonder World Fasscination - Hard Rock Live - Universal
DJ / Producer Peter Rauhofer

Wonder World After Hours Tunnel Party - Buena Vista Palace
Chus + Ceballos

And just so you know there are more DJ's to be announced Gay Internet Radio Live is running a Gay Days DJ Contest and they are down to the Final 3! The Winner gets to DJ at Gay Days.

If you are planning to attend Orlando Gay Days this year we recommend you check out DJ podcasts and YouTube videos to get a sense of what styles you like so you can make the most of your weekend.

And if you like certain styles you may want to choose your host hotel based on your favorite DJ and here is why:

Those Guests stay at GayDays hotel (DoubleTree) get into the Pool Parties for Free when you book through GayDays. Otherwise a weekend pass for those staying off property who want to attend All the Afternoon afternoon pool parties or All the Evening parties could run $40 (Afternoon) - $60 (Evening) in advance and twice as much or more at the event!

And individual pool parties run $20 to $30 in advance and $30 to $40 at the event.

If you are staying at Mark Baker's Wonder World weekend at the Buena Vista Palace a weekend Liquid Pool Party pass runs $25 if purchase before May 1st. For those staying off property a weekend pass to the Liquid Pool Parties runs $55.

Individual Liquid Pool Parties run between $20 to $30 per party.

So Download those Podcasts and choose your DJ wisely!

Rus J

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Get in Shape for Orlando Gay Days Biggest Beach Party

Coming to Orlando's Gay Days?

With 2 months until the biggest Beach Party of the Season Riptide @ Typhoon Lagoon it is time to get serious about getting into shape and nothing, I mean nothing can do it more than P90X.

Seriously if you want your best body for Gay Days and for Summer, than it is time to order P90X and show off your body at RipTide - Get Tickets here.

And check out some of this year's hottest men's swimwear too from Pistol Pete, Undergear, LASC, Tactics and more.

For the complete Gay Days Calendar check out may earn revenue if products purchased from linked web sites.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Gay Days 2011 Orlando Hotel Rooms Selling Briskly

Two weeks ago when I talked to Mark Baker and other promoters of Gay Days events, I thought maybe it was to early to start blogging about Gay Days 2011. Since those two weeks have passed it appears that maybe I waited to long to post my first 2011 Orlando Gay Days blog.

While there are many issues and changes to address, the most important one is booking your hotel for Gay Days 2011. This year there appear to be more host hotels than I can remember and many are each catering to different audiences, which I believe is a good thing.

Today I am only going to review and update the Guy's Host Hotels.

1. GayDays Host Hotel is the DoubleTree Resort Orlando International Drive
- This hotel is home to the Gay Days Expo, Pool Parties, Art Expo and more. The entire resort is blocked out for Gay Days and they have a men's wing, women's wing and bears wing. Note: Each area has a pool so there are separate events within each wings.

Men's Wing - Hotel Room Options
A Solid Amount of Rooms remain available for all prices ranges, however many of the Garden View and those that face the pool are solid out. Prices start at $104 a night and up.

Bear's Wing - Sold Out for Gay Days 2011!
Consider pick up a room in the men's area instead.

2. Wonder World Host Hotel - WDW Buena Vista Palace
This is the host hotel for Mark Baker Events, Pool Parties and After Hours Dance Parties will be held onsite. That means you can take an elevator to the event rather than driving to Kissimmee at 2 am. Wonder World Gay Days events will feature Top DJ's and bodies from around the world.

The Buena Vista Palace is huge but according to what I have learned bookings are very strong and above last year. Pool view Suites are sold out but rooms are still available starting at $149 a night. Note: 3 Night Minimum Stay Required.

3. Royal Plaza Hotel - Walt Disney World
Host Hotel for Tidal Wave Party Weekend

The Friday night Tidal Wave party has grown into a Tidal Wave Party Weekend for Bears, Cubs, Chubs and Admirers. The entire Royal Plaza Hotel has been secured for this event.

If you are a Bear, Chub, Cub or Admirer then you'll enjoy meeting new friends in your hotel and enjoying daily events at the hotel just for you.

For a new event the hotel is booking well, according to their web site about 1/3 of the hotel rooms are booked and rates start at $99 a night with parking.

4. Best Western Lake Buena Vista Resort Hotel - WDW
Host Hotel for Bear Daze

It is noted that the hotel is a Co-host Hotel of Bears at Gay Days and Bear Daze will have pool meet ups, dinner meet-ups and groups planning to meet up at theme park locations during the weekend.

There are no parties at this hotel, however the focus is more on fun social gatherings and enjoying the weekend with friends. Rooms are currently available at this hotel.

5. Parliament House
This Gay Hotel resort is gay 365 days a year and provides and has an active Gay Days calendar of daily and nighttime events. While the hotel part appears to be past it's prime, it is a place to attend nightly parties, meet hundreds of men and crash. I could not find hotel room rates listed on their web site.

Overall Orlando Gay Days 2011 will be bigger than last year and you'll have more host hotels to choose from than I can remember. Start planning now to book your travel to Orlando and join us for an amazing Gay Days weekend.

To learn more about Gay Days events visit our Orlando Gay Days Calendar and be sure to check out more about Orlando's Gay scene at Visit Gay Orlando.

J - Visit Gay Orlando
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