Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Orlando Gay Days Biggest Beach Party - Riptide Friday Night

Gay Days biggest beach party, RipTide, takes place on Friday night at Typhoon Lagoon.

This marquee event at one of Orlando's best water parks, brings together over 4,000 guests under the stars and with great music by DJ Randy Bettis.

Now you can choose whether you want to ride the slides, hit the wave pool or hit the dance floor, what ever you choose you'll have a great time.

Here are some tips for first timers attending RipTide at Typhoon Lagoon
- Rent a locker, it costs around $10 but it is worth it.
- Just in case have a warm shirt just in case, sometimes 70 does feel chilly.
- Know that you must get chips first and then buy drinks with them

The RipTide Party is my favorite pool event and it is always a blast.
Tickets can be purchased online but must be picked up at the will call. Tickets for Riptide should also be available at the Gay Days Expo at the DoubleTree Gay Days Host Hotel.

More great news for those attending Let's Go Play's RipTide Party at Orlando Gay Days. The weather is projected to be excellent. 90 degree days and 80's in the early evening. I know weather can change but I am so excited for excellent weather!

So this Friday, grab your favorite swim suit and join over 4,000 sexy men for a night on and in the water!

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For Some Gay Days is all about Harry Potter and Star Tours

I was chatting with some friends from Chicago who are heading to Orlando for Gay Days and I was asking them what event are they most excited about?

They smirked and said while we are going to several parties we really want to visit Harry Potter at Universal. Surprise, surprise a lot people I know are excited to visit Orlando for the theme parks this year and the Gay Days events are and added bonus.

For fans of the boy wizard Harry Potter and Star Wars fans this Gay Days definitely offers something new and exciting.

Last June 18th, Universal Studio's Island's of Adventure opened the Wizarding World of Harry Potter to rave reviews, an amazing ride, Hogsmeade shops and cups full of butterbeer. Attendance to the Wizarding World has been gigantic and the experience is well worth it if you are a Harry Potter fan.

For Star Wars fans, Disney's Hollywood Studios relaunched Star Tours just in time for Star Wars Weekend. The new Star Tours has over 50 different experiences so it is almost never the same ride twice and the technology has been upgraded to make this experience better than ever.

So this year, head to the theme parks and enjoy some of the best news attractions Orlando has seen in years.

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What You Need to Know About Parking for Mr. Sister's Gay Days Events

Mr. Sisters is a fabulous bar!

It has a great sound system, an amazing deck on the lake, good food and food special, friendly bartenders and hot male dancers, but what it lacks is parking.

For such an amazing club, they only have 50 - 60 parking spots and on event and weekend nights the main parking lot can be valet only. So here is what you need to know when attending an event at Mr. Sisters for Gay Days.

1. Except for the Gay Days Kick Off Party Tuesday night don't expect to be able to park at Mr. Sisters. You'll need to park at the Rooms To Go lot (after 9 pm), the Workforce Lot and several other lots on the south side of Route 50 (East Colonial). Based on web site notes there will be Event Parking signs for the weekend events, once you park you can take the shuttle to Mr. Sisters or walk.

2. FYI - If are heading East on 50 and you pass Mr. Sisters, don't panic, just take the Semoran Blvd exit and remain in the left lane at all times, as the far left lane is just a giant U-turn and you can easily get turned around with ease.

3. Important Park on the Mr. Sisters / Rooms To Go / South side of Route 50. Route 50 is not a safe street to cross at Mr. Sisters, it is 9 lanes across and several pedestrians have been hit crossing the road.

4. DO NOT PARK in neighborhood yards. Complaints have been filed by local residents about people parking in peoples yards on the north side of Route 50. If you do this during Gay Days be warned you park at your own risk and your could be fined and your car towed. Park in Event Parking.

5. Seriously Have a Designated Driver or take a Cab - Mr. Sisters is 10 minutes from downtown, 30 minutes from the DoubleTree and 45 minutes from Disney Property. The police are well aware of Mr. Sisters and it's Gay Days Events, to say that they will be paying attention to driver's leaving those lots would be an understatement. Have a Designated Driver and get back to the hotels safely.

6. Last Note: Except for Bottle Water toss all other cups and trash when you leave the club. There is no need to toss it in on the ground and have it later be blown on the highway or into the lake. Thanks in advance.

Mr. Sister's has a great Gay Days line up, but just plan ahead so you know where to park so you can enjoy the shows and do it safely.

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Monday, May 30, 2011

Over 50 Events Scheduled for Orlando Gay Days Weekend!

Visitors are already arriving in Orlando for the 21st Orlando Gay Days and while many might be planning to attend 1 or 2 parties, many still have an open schedule. That is where Visit Gay Orlando comes in, we have a simple calendar that lets you check out pool parties, local clubs and the big Gay Days event by the day or by the event type.

Where else are you going to find out about the:
21 Men's Gay Days Pool Parties
10 Men's Gay Days Dance Parties
P-House and Mr. Sisters Special Events and Performers that include Kelly Rowland, Deborah Cox, Salt N Pepa and more.

11 Women's Gay Days Pool Parties
4 Women's Gay Days Dance Parties

Plus Florida Sunshine, Literary Events, Mari-Con, Expos, Miss Gay Days, Taste of Gay Days and more. Visit Gay Orlando lists more Gay Days events then anyone so you can plan out your afternoon, day and weekend.

During the week we will blog and tweet about this week's events and where the VistiGayOrlando.com team is hanging out.

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Steel Nightclub Opens Tonight in Orlando

After many delays Steel Nightclub is finally opening tonight in Orlando. If you are visiting and want to visit the newest club, then this could be a great event for you as there will be plenty going on.

DJ Jerry Collin will be rocking the house.
Tasha and Friends will perform at 10:30
Parking at H2O Church but I have no idea where that is.

So where is Steel Nightclub?
It is behind the Bank of America on Orange Ave., towards the railroad tracks.
At 360 State Lane, Orlando 32801

State Street parallels Orange Ave. and is between Livingston and Robinson streets; blink and you will miss it.

As for parking you can check out H2O Church or park on Orange Avenue or maybe on State Lane.

FYI - For more detail check out their Facebook page as that is kept up to date, when I tried to connect to the web site I encountered download issues.

Last Congrats to Steel Nightclub Orlando's newest hotspot.

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One Week Til Orlando Gay Days!

I am in Chicago with work and it's a chilly 45 degrees, yes 45 degrees and how I can't wait to get back to Orlando and get ready for Gay Days.

Right now just the idea of pool parties and sunshine is so appealing that I almost want to head back today, but I can't as the conference continues on.

Anyways I am looking forward to the next week and the dozens of Gay Days events happening in Orlando. Check out the complete calendar at Visit Gay Orlando.

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Monday, May 23, 2011

Final Gay Days Orlando Hotel Update

With less than two weeks to go, I am seeing and hearing a mixed bag of messages Gay Days Host Hotels.

I have friends who have called and been told that rooms are Sold Out and yet I am able to select rooms online and proceed to booking them without issues. So I have to believe most the online information is correct.

Here is the updated run down for Gay Days Host Hotels.
Please note the overall number of Host Hotels and rooms for the event is up, so know that we expect more people at Gay Days 2011 than last year.

1. DoubleTree Resort - International Drive - GayDays Host Hotel
All Pool View Rooms for Men and Bear sections are Sold Out, but a few Premium Exterior Hotel Rooms still remain.
Tower Rooms and Exterior Rooms still available, but limited supply.
Women's Wing still has the most options available for Gay Days.

Scoop - All Men's wings and the tower rooms are very close to being sold out, women's wing is doing well but still many options available for Gay Days.

2. Buena Vista Palace @ Walt Disney World - Wonder World Host Hotel
Pool View Rooms are sold out and bookings are ahead of 2010 (Good news is that they moved to a bigger hotel) Web site states that $169 a night rooms are available as well as Jr. Exec Rooms
. Supply is limited and they have booked more than twice the hotel rooms as last year, so expect to see a lot of men there and be sure to enjoy the pool parties and after hour events without ever leaving the hotel grounds.

3. Royal Plaza Hotel - WDW - Host Hotel for Tidal Wave Party Weekend
This is a new event and a host hotel for Bears and Cubs - according to the web site the hotel is 2/3 sold out as of 5/15. (That's about 270 rooms out of 394) Benefit of this hotel Bear pool parties, vendor fair and onsite events.

Based on our estimates, we expect the hotel to be about 85% - 90% booked for Gay Days. If good weather is predicted they could sell out fo rthe event, but it looks like you might be able to book during the week of Orlando's Gay Days.

4. Best Western Lake Buena Vista Resort Hotel - WDW - Host Hotel for Bear Daze
Rooms are still available

5. Courtyard Marriot & Fairfield Inn at Marriott Village - Girls in Wonderland
Rooms at still available. A Facebook post stated that they only have 15 rooms left, but we were unable to confirm this. If that is true, expect the Girls in Wonderland to be Sold Out by the end of this week.

For the guys the Host Hotels now have slim pickings, but rooms are available.
For the ladies there are still rooms at both hotels but Wonderland appears to be in higher demand and we expect them to sell out. Girls at Gay Days should have rooms until early next week.

So plan now for your Gay Days Vacation and come visit us in Orlando for a fabulous weekend.

Find out more about Orlando's Gay Days Weekend at VisitGayOrlando.com
We offer a complete day by day calendar and more concerning Gay Days 2011!

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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Busy Adding New Events to Gay Days Calendar

Just a quick note to let you know we are updating the Gay Days calendar to include new event and scrap all the unconfirmed events.

FYI - The Literary Events are on for Friday, Saturday and Sunday
A Cowboy Boogie has been added to the event list!
The Sunday Motorcycle ride is back and much more.

I will also be reviewing the Orlando Gay Days hotel status later today as well, so stay tuned for more updates.

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