Saturday, June 4, 2011

Fasscination Sunday Night Gay Days Party is the Event!

Hopefully your flight is Monday so you will be able to experience one of Wonder World's Marquee events Fasscination a party that is sure to tempt the body and soul.

With DJ Pagano and Peter Rauhofer you won't be able to stand still and as with any Mark baker event he is working to impress and exceed what has been done before so expect the unexpected at the Hard Rock Live Sunday Night. Tickets are still available, get more details for Fasscination here.

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Friday, June 3, 2011

Tickets To Epcot Retro T Sold Out!

The 1st year Retro T Party at Epcot has sold out!

Congratulations for Let's Go Play creating a new and unique event that allows the Epcot experience to be unique for those visiting for Gay Days.

So it looks like this might become an annual event.

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Gay Days Saturday Night Parties, Concerts, Variety Shows - It's Gay Days Your Way

Saturday Night offers a lot of options ranging from the big party at Universal to a Variety Show at Hamburger Mary's here is a quick list of Saturday night options for you and your friends.

1. Stay at the Magic Kingdom - Open til Midnight!
2. Matinee IBIZA Rising - Universal Studios - Wonder World Party
3. Salt N Pepa - Parliament House
4. Deborah Cox - Mr. Sisters
5. Leigh Shannon Variety Drag Show - Hamburger Mary's
6. Taylor Swift Concert - Amway Arena
7. Eufuria, Bear Dance - DoubleTree
8. And if you sleep through the early evening - You can still hit Tunnel - the After Hours party starts at 1 am!

Check out more details for these Saturday Night Gay Weekend Events here.

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Saturday Gay Days Events if Not Disney Then What

21 years ago, friends wearing red gathered at Disney's Magic Kingdom to celebrate a Gay Day. This one day has now become Gay Days with the highlight of the weekend being going to the Magic Kingdom on the first Saturday of June.

But, (oh my) what if you don't want to go to the Magic Kingdom to join the see of Red? Well good news Gay Days has grown so big that you have plenty of daytime options including :

1. Pool Parties at the Gay Days Host Hotel, DoubleTree and WonderWorld Host Hotel, Buena Vista Palace. For outside guests costs can run $20 to 30 or more per pool party.

2. Gay Days Expo, Car Show & Literary Events all are happening at the DoubleTree Hotel! Get a few more details on these Gay Days events here.

3. Other options include sleeping in (Lots of Events on Saturday Night), Shopping, go to the Cocoa Beach and dare I say head over to Universal to check out The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Saturday's light day schedule is a reflection of many guests visiting the Magic Kingdom. We'll be there and hope you can make it this year too.

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Matinee Ibiza Rising is the Big Saturday Night Gay Days Party

Get ready for a great night at Universal Studios at Mark Baker's Matinee IBIZA Rising.

To say Mark knows how to how a party is an understatement and as he told me expect to be impressed as Taito Tikaro (Ibiza) and Hector Fonseca (NYC) rock Universal.

Mark has brought in the Matinee Dancers from IBIZA, Spain and added design elements to make this event one you won't want to miss.

And when you need a break you can ride some of Universal's Favorite Attractions The Hollywood Rip Ride Rocket and Revenge of the Mummy til 1 am.

Universal offers a great open air stage with plenty of room for thousands of men. Get your ticket now for Matinee IBIZA Rising now or at the Mark Baker Host Hotel $85.

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Thursday, June 2, 2011

10 Ways to Spend Your Friday at Orlando's Gay Days

10 Options for Gay Days Friday in Orlando. Try something new, relax, go have fun or check out a show and make your own fun.

1. Get something for Free! Head to the Gay Days Expo and get a some samples, enter to win something, check out the men and meet a few people. It's Free and at the DoubleTree. Starts at Noon

2. Bear Vendor Fair, a new event, if you are a Bear, Cub, Chubb or Admirer than this vendor fair may offer you what you are looking for. Royal Plaza Hotel on Disney Property.

3. Get Wet at a Pool Party - Liquid Pool Party at Buena Vista Palace, Velocity at DoubleTree and there is a Bears Pool Party at DoubleTree. Costs vary by events.

4. Literary Festival - Feed the mind at a Literary Event at the DoubleTree 2 pm and take a break from the sun.

5. Drag Race or Mini Golf - Grab some guys and cruise up International Drive to the Fun Spot and race go karts on the wooden track or check out Congo River Mini Golf where you can bet to see who gets the first hole in one. I-Drive is full of mini-tourist attractions so go explore and have fun.

6. Cirque du Soleil La Nouba & Happy Hour - Check out an amazing show at La Nouba at Downtown Disney and then before or after your show meet up with Gay Days attendees for Happy Hout 7:30 - 8:30 at Planet Hollywood.

7. RipTide at Typhoon Lagoon - Gay Days biggest Splash Bash. Join over 4,000 guys having a blast underneath the stars. More Riptide details.

8. CowPoke Boogie - The Gay Days theme party takes place at the DoubleTree starting at 9 pm. Expect Country Music, Line Dancing and lots of reasons why it's good to be a Cowboy.

9. Local Flavor - Orlando Gay Bars provide a mix of events for Gay Days - Revolution has Latin Explosion, Pulse has Hip Hop Night, Parliament House bring in Adult Stars, Jessica Sutta and Blake Lewis and Mr. Sisters has Kristine W. and Kimberly Locke

10. Friday Night After Hours - Tunnel @ Buena Vista Palace starts at 1 am and lasts til 8 am!

Whether you want to start early or late their are lots of Gay Days activities going on for a complete list of Orlando's Friday Men's Schedule view our calendar of events.

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Abercrombie & Fitch Clothing Prices Creeping Up

With the arrival of Gay Days in Orlando, I had to swing by A&F just to see if there were any bargains on the clearance rack. While I didn't find any deals today I did notice that for the first time since 2008 Abercrombie is raising prices and factoring in future sale price points.

Long Sleeve Dress Shirts
Were $70, Now $78
First Markdown price was $49.90 now $59.90

Short Sleeve T-Shirts
Were $24 to $36 now $26 to $40!
First Markdown prices will now be $19.90 and $29.90 rather than $15.90 and $24.90!

A&F Polos are moving up too!
Most were in the $60 ranges but the new price moves them to $68 and $70
First Markdown pricing will now be $49.90 rather than $39.90

I knew prices would increase because the cost of cotton is going up and while I do love the cut and feel of an Abercrombie products, I am not sure I can still afford new or first markdown prices. Thank goodness they have 2nd markdowns.

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Womens Events Get Underway at Orlando Gay Days Weekend

Women from across the state and the US are arriving in Florida for Gay Days weekend and if you arriving on Thursday here are various Gay Days women's events and ideas for Thursday.

Arrive in the am or early afternoon, then go check out the Gay Days Expo at the DoubleTree Hotel. The Expo starts at noon and showcases over 100 vendors. Other afternoon options include shopping at the outlets, Orlando malls or building your tans for the weekend.

Evening Events include:
The Bud Light Happy Hour for Marriott Village guests
Meet hotel guests from 5 - 7 pm

Girls at GayDays Welcome Pool Party
This evening pool party starts at 8 pm in the women's wing of the DoubleTree Hotel.

Traffic Jam Dance Party
Beacham Theater Downtown Orlando (formerly Tabu), there is a shuttle for Wonderland guests. Guest DJs and Baby Blue.

Want to know more about Gay Days events, view our complete Women's Gay Days Event Calendar.

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Orlando Gay Days Reves Up With a Variety of Events

Orlando Gay Days really starts to kick off today with a variety of events, pool parties and the opening of the Gay Days Expo.

Check Out These Men's Thursday Gay Days Events:

Gay Days Expo opens at the DoubleTree around noon.
Check out 100 or more gay friendly vendors.

A Taste of Gay Days starts at 6 pm
Enjoy beer, wines, spirits and hors d'oeuvres in a unique environment. A fun way to sample beverages and meet fellow Gay Days attendeees. 21 and older. DoubleTree

Mari-Con Comics and Collectibles Show 7:30 pm - 10:30 pm
This second annual show is presented by What's Happening magazine and will be held at the DoubleTree hotel.

2011 Miss Gay Days Pageant 9:30 pm
Come one, come all and go see who gets crowned Miss Gay Days 2011 held at the DoubleTree Hotel.

Blu Skyyy Party 9:30 PM
Mark Baker kicks off his first big party of the weekend at the Buena Vista Palace with Top DJs from LA and Miami

These are just some of the Gay Days events happening on Thursday to find out more concerning pool parties, where porn stars will be and local bar events go to Visit Gay Orlando.

See You at The Expo and Events

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Kelly Rowland Out - Kristine W. & Kimberly Locke In at Mr. Sisters Gay Days Friday

Last Minute Change for Mr. Sisters Gay Days Line-Up!

Kelly Rowland Cancels Appearance at Mr. Sisters on June 3rd.
Kelly also has cancelled here performance at Capital Pride, on June 12th, as well.
The Scoop: Based on the filming of The X Factor in Europe she was forced to cancel the shows. So basically she overbooked herself and waited until Late May 31st or June 1st to let Mr. Sisters know.

Thankfully Kristine W. & Kimberly Locke will now being performing on the Mr. Sisters stage on Friday.

Hopefully Kelly Rowland fans will not hold this against Mr. Sisters as Kelly made the call and it was out of their hands. In Entertainment these things can happen, but the fact that Mr. Sisters was able to have such a great backup plan really shows they are a first class act.

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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Blu Skyyy - First Big Gay Days Party Thursday Night

Mark Baker is kicking off Gay Days on Thursday Night with his Blu Skyyy Party at the Buena Vista Palace.

Get your weekend started at Club 27 and listne to the beats of The Perry Twins and Kidd Madonny. The Blu Skyyy party starts 9 pm and lasts until 3 am. Price $30!

The Perry Twins, Doug and Derek, are DJs/Producers based in LA.
They have spent a decade spinning music and have produced #1 Club Hits.

Kidd Madonny is a Miami based DJ and has been a DJ since 2005.
His musical style is a blend of vocals, disco house remixes, progressive house, electro and tribal.

With these DJ's you are not going want to leave the dance floor and at Club 27 you want have too. So kick start your Gay Days weekend Thursday night with Blu Skyyy and enjoy.

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What You Need To About Gay Days Pool Parties

Orlando Gay Days is Disney, Club Events, Socializing and Pool Parties.

This year there are over 20 pool parties at various host hotels in Orlando, but if you never attended a pool party or this is your first Gay Days what should you expect and what do you need to know.

We have put together a list for What You Need to Know about Gay Days Pool Parties so you won't be caught off guard.

1. In most cases registered host hotel guests with Gay Days, Tidal Wave Weekend and Mark Baker Events get in for free or for a reduced rate. Guests from other hotels will (in most cases) pay to attend the pool parties.

2. Cost of Gay Days pool parties vary from single pool party admission of $20 - $30 in advance and at the door prices can run $40! If you plan on attending several pool parties at one location, consider saving money by purchasing a weekend pass. Passes can run $55 to over $100.

3. Pools like bars have capacity limits and if the pool is packed you may not be able to purchase a pool party ticket until the crowds subside. Based on the weather forecast, expect the pools to be busy.

4. Bring ID, Bring Sunscreen, Bring Money for Drinks and you may want to bring your own towel but hold on to it as they will be in hot demand.

5. Swimsuits - The most common swimsuit attire is boardshorts and squarecut trunks, but for those who can pull it off bikini swim briefs are acceptable too. Just know your comfort level and when in doubt wear your casual suit to the pool and bring the sexy one to change into if you are in the mood.

6. No when Pool Parties Start and End. The Gay Days host hotel offers 2 Pool Parties a day and they tend to run from noon to 6 pm and 6 pm to 2 am or later. So plan ahead to arrive at a time when you can fully enjoy the party and get your money's worth.

7. If possible go with a buddy or friends, just in case you or they have to much to drink it is always good to have someone looking out for you.

8. Buy your own drinks and keep them with you. I am not saying that anything will happen, but I tend to play things safe and your drink can't be knocked over, accidentally picked up by the pool staff or another guest or splashed by pool water if it's with you.

9. Be friendly and say hello - Surprise most people are meeting for the first time so it's a great event to say hello to just about anyone. Plus if you are friendly and outgoing they are likely to be too.

Here for the full Gay Days Pool Party list for Men and for the Women's Pool Parties here.

And enjoy a complete list of the Orlando Gay Weekend Calendar here.
Enjoy and have fun.

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RuPaul's Drag Race Queens Coming to Orlando for Gay Days

If you have been a fan of RuPaul's Drag Race then you might be pleased by the various Drag Race contestants that will be in Orlando for Gay Days.

Several of the Orlando Gay Clubs will be hosting events with these popular Drag Queens.

Friday June 3rd at Pulse Orlando
RB & Hip Hop Night
Tyra Sanchez - Season 2 Winner
Shangela - Contestant Season 2

Saturday June 4th at Pulse Orlando
House Music with DJ Scott Robert
Tyra Sanchez - Season 2 Winner
Shangela - Contestant Season 2

Sunday June 5th at Mr. Sisters
Yara Sofia - Contestant Season 3
Raja - Season 3 Winner
Alexis Mateo - Contestant Season 3
Morgan McMichaels - Contestant Season 2
Manila Luzon - Contestant Season 3

So if you are not going to the big parties and what to head out to see something else check out some of RuPaul's favorite Drag Race Contestants and Winners at Pulse or Mr. Sisters.

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