Monday, April 30, 2012

Orlando Gay Days Hotel Booking Update

Orlando's Gay Days are only a month away.
See 5/16/12 - Hotel Booking Update Sold Out Signs at Olrando Disney Gay Days Weekend Hotels

Have you made your plans yet or are you still on the fence as to whether to head to Orlando to kick off your summer of fun. Well, here is the skinny on the host hotels for Gay Days.

1. The Official Gay Days hotel is DoubleTree by Hilton at Orlando Seaworld, aka a long pain in the ass name for a hotel. Right now hotel rooms are booking slightly ahead of last year. The Men's and Bear Wings are pretty much sold out, while the women's wing still has many options.

Tower Rooms which are general booking still have lots of options.
Note: We expect Tower Rooms to be gone around May 20th.

2. Buena Vista Palace - Host for Wonder World
As of this weekend around 60 rooms remain at Wonder World's Host Hotel. THis hotel is on Disney property and hosts pool parties and after hours parties.

3. Courtyard Marriot & Fairfield Inn - Girls in Wonderland
The Girls in Wonderland is off Disney property but host pool parties and events for the ladies. They also coordinate several major women's dance parties that are held at Downtown Disney locations. Rooms are still available for booking.

4. Royal Plaza Hotel - Part of the Tidal Wave Weekend
Rooms are available at this hotel. Note events held at this hotel and their weekend are for the Bear, Chubb, Cub and Admirers.

5. Holiday Inn Hotel - Gay College Weekend
New to the Gay Days scene for 2012 Gay College Weekend targets the college crowd. Rooms are available. Based on what we have heard room bookings are mixed, below expectations but good. Maybe once college finals and graduation wrap up there will be a bump in bookings.

6. Saratoga Springs - One Magical Weekend
While many of the host hotels try to make it exclusive for gay men and women, Saratoga Springs might be a unique option to be near the events but it does not host any events there. If fact you can expect a mixed crowd at the pool that will include families, couples and guests that might not even know that Gay Days is going one. Rooms are available.

7. Orlando Vista Hotel - Orlando Black Pride
Rooms are available for Orlando Black Pride. The hotel is minutes from Disney property and events are held on site and off site nightclubs.

Go here for more information on Gay Day Events.

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