Thursday, May 31, 2012

Free HIV Testing at Gay Days Expo - So Why Wouldn't You Get Tested?

I guess the first question is why have I never gotten tested before?

The Answer: I have only have a few partners, I always have safe sex and I didn't want to know if I did. Mostly I didn't want to know if I had HIV and lets be honest who wants to know, but it is important to know. 

So when I was challenged to get a Free HIV test by a guy in the Orange County Health Department, I did what most guys would do I walked away.

Yes, I grabbed a few free condoms and kept walking. I don't have time for it, there are other things to do and see and after being given a flyer about Vanilla Donut anal beaching cream and walking through the adult expo I realized I needed to take the test.

However even though I knew I was at low risk I had anxiety and second thoughts about taking an HIV test even as I walked up to the booth again.

With hesitatation, I asked about the testing, got instructions as to where to go and want to share my experience with you.

1. First you head to a room and wait to meet with a Couselor that will administer the test.
2. Once in the testing room, you sign a consent form and complete some basic information that will be kept private.
3. Your finger is cleaned and your finger is pricked and blood it taken for the test.
4. The Couselor asks questions concerning risk issues.
5. Within 15 minutes you'll have your HIV test results, mine were negative.

Stopping the spread of HIV is important and knowing if you have HIV is where you need to start. Take 15 minutes out of your Gay Days weekend and get tested. Whether you are positive or negative, you need to know. Then continue to practice safe sex and have a great weekend.


Orlando / Disney Gay Weekend - Best Bets for Friday

With over 20 events scheduled for Friday June first, the "Unofficial" Disney Gay Days Weekend is in full swing. Check out our Friday Best Bets and the complete list of Friday men's activities, Friday's women's events or check out Orlando's gay bars.

Friday's Gay Weekend Best Bets
1. Disney's Hollywood Studio - Sing at American Idol, enjoy the power of the force during Star Wars Weekend and ride Star Tours, Scream in fear and delight on the Tower of Terror and enjoy the day at one of Orlando's theme parks.

2. Hit the Pool - Whether you attend a Gay Days, Girls in Wonderland or Wonder World Pool Parties, you are bound to enjoy hot guys or hot gals, cool drinks and great music. Just remember to bring your sunscreen!

3. Jonny McGovern - Comedy
Want to do something inside tonight, well then check out Jonny McGovern from Logo's Big Gay Sketch Show and aka The Gay Pimp at Parliament House at 7:30 pm. Please note this show may sell out, consider calling before making the trip. Jonny McGoven is likely to be Friday only! Odds are Saturday show will not happen.

4. RipTide - Typhoon Beach Party
It's time to show off that Beach Body and join 5,000 of your closest friends at one of the weekend's biggest events. RipTide allows you to enjoy Typhoons huge wave pool, great water rides and dance on Orlando's largest sand dance floor.

5. CLIMAX - The big ladies dance party happening about Downtown Disney's Bongos. Doors open at 9 pm and the fun begins upon your arrival.
Catch me on Twitter as I post about Gay Days, guests, dj's and fun events.

There are lots of great events happening this weekend and we have highlighted our favorites, but you can learn about Bad Romance - A Gaga Tribute, The Sonique Concert, where to listen to Acoustic Rock and more here with our complete list of Friday activities for guys, Friday's women's events or check out Orlando's gay bars.


Go Your Own Way This Gay Days - Unique Orlando Activities & Attractions

Visiting Orlando for Gay Days but not sure about all the parties, then consider going your own way and check out some of these activities in Orlando.

Catch a Show:
Blue Man Group at Universal - Unique entertainment in this splashy (literally) show is a visual and interactive show.
La Nouba - Enjoy the spectacle that is Cirque du Soleil. This Downtown Disney show never fails to entertain and impress.

Theme Park Notes:
Star Wars Weekend - Enjoy the Force and more at Disney's Hollywood Studios
Visit Hogwarts & Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Islands of Adventure

Unique Attractions:
CSI: The Experience - Solve 3 crimes just like a CSI. Visit the CSI Experience Facebook page, But DO NOT visit the Web Site as of Today 5/31/12 it appears it is infected with a virus or has been hacked
Gatorland - First time to Florida, Never seen a gator before, well Gatorland is a unique attraction that educates and allows you to see live alligators up close.

Zip Lines - Orlando now boasts several zip line attractions. Some a few hours and others allow you to pay and stay for the day. Cost runs over $50 per person, but if you are looking for the unexpected this is it. Search zip lines orlando for different venues.

Orlando offers lots of unique attractions, but these are some are our recommendations for those looking for something different. Some will take a day and others just hours but each offers you a chance to do something different this Gay Days.


Tired of Gay Days Hate and Misrepresentations

Since the North Carolina marriage vote there has been a wave of increased gay hate coming from various sources.

Some of this is general hate is coming from select churches and includes Pastor Charles Worley saying lock up gay men and women behind electric fences and we will be rid of them. Pastor Worley comments and imagery reminds me of the Nazi concentration camps. The most frightening part of this is that his congregation cheered this. This is how the seeds of evil grow. However, little does this pastor seem to realize that straight men and women will continue to have more gay children and any gay teens in that congregation are most likely scared to death.

It even gets uglier when you encourage a child to learn the words and sing this song.
"Ain't No Homos Gonna Make It To Heaven"

And the fact that people cheer this kid on is sad and disturbing. And yes the audience contained adulterers, people wearing multi-blended fabric clothing and women who sex before marriage - All reasons the bible notes people should be put to death and / or not allowed into heaven. Again, the audience cheers and this child is unfairly put into a cruel spotlight, he will be known as the Ain't No Homo boy. The parents have gone to far.

And last David Caton of the Florida Family Association states, Disney's Gay Day is really about targeting children and that Disney is fully behind it.

First - The Florida Family Association is like the Million Moms Group, it doesn't really represent Families it only works to push their point of view.

Second - Disney doesn't sponsor Gay Day nor did they create it.

Third - Targeting Children - Huh?
What person thinks gay people are recruited, oh let me guess you saw that on Ellen's sitcom and thought gay people also get a free microwave when they come out? Sure join us, gay men and women, you'll be bullied, stressed, scared to be yourself, question why you are the way you are, maybe consider suicide, live a double life, be fearful of holding your partners hand in public, be hated by strangers for just being who you are and so much more.  

The fact is that most gay people want to be accepted as being normal, because we are normal. We were born this way.

I am tired of people saying such cruel and mean things. Gay Days is a chance to allow gay men and women to relax and know they are safe and can have fun without brutal scrutiny.

I will be wearing red and be at The Magic Kingdom Saturday to let others from across the country know they are not alone. So go ahead and banner and work to spread your hated, we will be joining together and celebrating our strength and diversity.


Orlando Gay Days - Thursday Best Bets

Gay Days is here and things start heating up today.

Here is our Quick List of Best Bets for Thursday in Orlando!
See the complete list of Thursday activities or check out Orlando's gay bars.

The Official Gay Days Expo opens Thursday, so why not head down to the Host Hotel and check out the companies that support our community, get free samples, enjoy the pool and maybe meet some new friends. The Expo is free and open from 11 am - 7 pm.

A Taste of Gay Days - This Food and Wine event was listed as advance tickets only, but if you are at the Gay Days host hotel and are interested ask if you can attend. Starts at 6 pm - DoubleTree by Hilton Orlando SeaWorld.

PI @ Parliament House - Ever since Pleasure Island closed in 2008, Thursday nights have never been the same. However, P House as we call it has done it's best to make Thursday Night Special by trying to bring back the fun of Pleasure Island. This is the big party of the night. No cover until 11 pm.

Traffic Jam - This Ladies party at the Funky Monkey Pointe Orlando is a great way to get out of your room and start meeting people. A great way to start the weekend and a short drive from both women's host hotels.

Catch me on Twitter as I post about Gay Days, guests, dj's and fun events.

See the complete list of Thursday activities or check out Orlando's gay bars


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Buy Now or Pay More for Orlando Gay Days Events this Weekend

Coming to Gay Days in Orlando but not sure about whether to buy tickets now or wait and see???

Well here is the information you need to know:

One Magical Weekend - RipTide Beach Party
1. If you by online now and you'll save $10 over at the door pricing.
2. If they Sell Out you will won't be able to buy a ticket at the door

Also Gay Days Host Hotel Pool Parties
If you are not staying at the host hotle and plan on going to the pool parties then it saves you money to buy in advance. On average $5 or $10, but that is the cost of a drink so why not save. Just know when you plan to be there as afternoon parties run through 5 pm and the evening ones start at 5 and 6 pm and run through til 2 pm.

Please note since many of these events occur or are impacted by the weather, for many people they will take a wait and see approach. However, if you know you want to attend the event come rain or shine then buy early and save.


Miss Gay Days and Eufuria Events - Non-Events at 2012 Gay Days

Every year events are added and subtracted from the Orlando Gay Weekend because of poor attendance, changing trends and feedback from visitors.

This year two events that had become mainstays to the Gay Days line up are gone.

Miss Gay Days - This event did raise money for charity but it's hard to know whether or not it was seen as a success. While Miss Gay Days won a sash and a crown, I am not sure if was any accolades to winning this title and so for this year it is no more.

Eufuria - The perfectly named Bears Dance Party lost steam last year when the Gay Days Bears wing and the popular evening pool parties were so successful. The weather last year was amazing and few wanted to leave the pool to head inside even when they had purchased tickets. So this year they will focus on a great pool party and if the voices are loud enough, who knows Eufuria could return for 2013.


Visit Gay Orlando has a complete calender of Orlando's Gay Weekend events from concerts to parties, comedians and more.

Beryl Brings Rain, Orlando Gay Days Weather Forecast!

Tropical Depression Beryl has brought much needed rain to Orlando the past few days but all signs point to Beryl making a timely exit just in time for Gays Days.

One thing we know in Orlando is that the weather forecast, even three days, unpredictable but what we can say is the weather is improving. Orlando finally received some much needed rain but now we need Beryl and that rain to move along.

Our Official Gay Days forecast for the next few days is:
- Hot Gay Men will be on the Rise heading into Friday night
- Increasing Risk of Hot Temperatures and Pounding Afternoon Rainstorms
- Please Be Careful as Many Areas will be Slippery with Wet
- And be sure to always have a Poncho handy at all times.

The Weathermans Forecast for Orlando's Gay Days is:
High Temps in the upper 80's and low 90's
Chance of rain everyday 30 - 40%
Night time temps in the mid 70's

Our other advice is Sunscreen, cool beverages, stay near a pool and have fun.
Visit Gay Orlando has a complete calender of Orlando's Gay Weekend events from concerts to parties, comedians and more.


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Hot Men's Swimwear for Orlando Gay Pool Parties

Visiting Orlando the 1st Weekend in June means three things - Gay Days, Disney and Pool Parties of all shapes and sizes. Now is the time to find the perfect men's swimsuit.

But now it is time to strut your stuff and getting a new swimsuit to go celebrate months in the gym or just change things up. We have spotted hot men's swim trunks, briefs and boardshorts just for Orlando's biggest Gay Weekend.

Looking for a sexy bikini brief this Pistol Pete Plaid Swim Suit offers a great look for guys. While not every guy can wear this suit, I look foward to seeing this one at the RipTide party on Friday night.

This Tactics Squarecut is short on fabric but high on style and made for a man with 6 packs and an alluring package. Personally, I need a bit more coverage but I will say these swim trunks will turn heads.

These Men's Tactics Swim Trunks offer a great looks and coverage for guys not into showing all the goods. This swim suit is new this season and offers a rugged boardshort lace up look, zippered pockets and a great color. The fact the male model is hot makes these trunks look that much hotter.

I love the color in this Hurley Phantom Boardshorts - bright, bold and fun. These shorts come in several options and this one is my favorite. But there are grey, grey red, and lime twist too. Perfect to attract attention during gay days and wear to the beach after gay days is over.

And for those who enjoy something more daring we found this Sexy Hound Swim Bikini Brief. It's sexy, unique and the styling is new and alluring enough to have the guys staring at more than just your suit. These are just some of the hot men's swimsuits, that are perfect for Orlando's Gay Weekend pool parties.

Check out more of our favorite Men's Swimwear now.
Plus details on ALL the Gay Weekend Pool Parties.

Visit Gay Orlando has a complete calender of Orlando's Gay Weekend events from concerts to parties, comedians and more.

Can't wait to see what you'll be wearing at the pool.

Please note Men's Swimwear is a seasonal product and men's swim trunks, boardshorts and briefs maybe sold out or discontinued at any time. may receive compensation from merchants if items are purchased from linked web sites.

SOLD OUT Signs at Orlando Disney Gay Days Weekend Hotels

Orlando's Disney Gay Days Weekend is just over two weeks away and we have important booking news and booking tips. Please note it is an Un-Official Disney Gay Days since they don't endorse the weekend.

1. The Official Gay Days hotel is DoubleTree by Hilton at Orlando Seaworld
Men's Wing Sold Out
Bear Wing is Sold Out
Wmone's Wings available but Booking has recently picked up.

General Tower Rooms (open booking) only a handful are left - Sell Out Status Expected within 7 Days!

2. Buena Vista Palace - Host for Wonder World
IMPORTANT - Less than 10 Rooms remaining at this Host Hotel!
This hotel is on Disney property and hosts pool parties and after hours parties.

3. Holiday Inn Hotel Lake Buena Vista - Was Gay College Weekend - But that was Cancelled
Originally was to be Host Hotel for Gay College Weekend and Parties, but do to poor GCW bookings the events were cancelled. However, this hotel is on Disney Property, rates are $90 a night and up, it's just around the corner from Buena Vista Palace, there are bound to be gay guests there but most longer not exclusively gay. 

4. Courtyard Marriot & Fairfield Inn - Girls in WonderlandThe Girls in Wonderland is off Disney property but host pool parties and events for the ladies. Rooms are still available for booking.

5. Royal Plaza Hotel - Part of the Tidal Wave Weekend
Rooms are available at this hotel. Note events held at this hotel and their weekend are for the Bear, Chubb, Cub and Admirers.

These are host hotels with on site events.


Friday, May 11, 2012

Gay College Weekend 2012 - Web Site Signals Poor Bookings and Changes

If you read the Orlando gay events magazines, you may have noticed a new Weekend Party called Gay College Weekend who had flashy advertising and an impressive line-up of parties and guests.

Updated 5/16/12
There are No Gay College Weekend Events and the Hotel is open to all visitors from what we can tell - Gay, Straight, Families - I don't think it is exclusive anymore. The good news is rooms are available at a good price and guests are likley to be gay men. If interested in staying at the Holiday Inn I would check the site,, and call the number on the flyer as the group code to book only was no longer working.
End Update 5/16/12

However Based on a Dramatic Change to Gay College Weekend's Web Site
The Parties & Events may be Cancelled - but you can still book a hotel room.- The difficult thing is there is no one to contact or call to confirm anything with Gay College Weekend and my best guess is that they overspent on ads and the lineup and didn't really know what was needed to succeed. Then when the deposits were needed for event space they realized they didn't have enough money to meet the commitments.

Please note: While we are trying to get information on confirm or deny our theory, there is no contact person or listed on the web site and to be honest that always makes me nervous.

Let's Review the Gay College Weekend 2012 Changes
As of last week, the site was promoting a weekend of events including Grindr in the Dark, Pool Parties and the very interesting Jocks in Underwear party.

And the Gay Events Magazines are featuring the current ad:

The Today 5/11/12, we noticed a dramatic change to the Gay College Weekend home page and there is no longer a mention of weekend events or a link to the home page just a Book Now and Directions link.

The Revised Gay College Weekend now highlights P-House parties and a discount if you stay at the Gay College Weekend hotel, imho reaching out to Mark Baker & Wonder World might have made a little more sense as GCW could have been seen as an overflow hotel. Baker's Wonder World hotel is likely to sell out all his rooms soon and you could walk (if needed) or at least bus over guests wanting to attend late night Tunnel parties and Liquid pool parties.

Again while we don't have any confirmation on what's happening or not happening at GCW2012, we must admit it is not a huge surprise that GCW has struggled. First college kids don't have a ton of money or credit cards. They need to work all summer and many can't even drink yet. Second if your not out in college then listing GCW as a LIKE on your Facebook page is not going to happen so hard to spread word of mouth. Third, the people first to post on the web site appeared to be older guys excited to be staying at a hotel with college guys, umm that does not inspire college guys to book in advance.

And last is that college kids don't plan very far in advance and they are the least likley of the gay community to book a flight, room, etc... College kids plan days in advance based on weather and money in there pockets.

The hotel can still be a success as it is expected to be gay for the weekend, the rates are lower the Buena Vista Palace and Gay Days hotels and you are near Typhoon, Disney and Mark Barker Events, but it appears that the GCW specific parties may be a wash.


Check out the full line up of Orlando's Gay Weekend Events
Men's Pool Parties, Dance Parties and More.

Hotel Room Update - Orlando Gay Days Weekend 2012

We are three weeks out from Orlando's largest Gay event, when 100,000 visitors come to celebrate in Orlando. Here is an update on Orlando's Gay Weekend hotel bookings.
See 5/16/12 - Hotel Booking Update Sold Out Signs at Olrando Disney Gay Days Weekend Hotels

1. The Official Gay Days hotel is DoubleTree by Hilton at Orlando Seaworld
Bear wing is Sold Out and Men's wing now offers just one room group. General Tower Rooms options have dropped from 4 of 6 choices, to 2 out of 6 choices. A sell out of these rooms is expected.

Women's Wings still have plenty of options.

2. Buena Vista Palace - Host for Wonder World
Around 30 rooms remain at Wonder World's Host Hotel and based on booking rates, we expect the hotel to sell out within a week to ten days. This hotel is on Disney property and hosts pool parties and after hours parties.

3. Courtyard Marriot & Fairfield Inn - Girls in WonderlandThe Girls in Wonderland is off Disney property but host pool parties and events for the ladies. Rooms are still available for booking.

4. Royal Plaza Hotel - Part of the Tidal Wave Weekend
Rooms are available at this hotel. Note events held at this hotel and their weekend are for the Bear, Chubb, Cub and Admirers.

5. Holiday Inn Hotel - Gay College Weekend
New to the Gay Days scene for 2012 Gay College Weekend targets the college crowd. Rooms are available.

These are host hotels with on site events.


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Orlando Gay Days Weekend DJ Line Up

Orlando's Gay Days Weekend is fast approaching and with over 40 parties, ranging from afternoon pool parties to after hours events the DJ list for this years Gay Days is extensive and quite a few spots remain TBA. Please note we did not list parties that have yet to announce their DJs, several pool parties state various or guest djs, but they will have someone spinning music.
With several party venues and events you'll find a diverse mix of DJ's and styles, rather than try to review each dj we will categorize the style of the dj's that play at the major events.

Wonder World - Mark Baker Events
Expect International DJ's for Wonder World's Saturday & Sunday events. High energy DJ's for the after hours parties and a mix of songs and beats for the pool parties.

Gay Days & Girls at Gay Days DJ's
With 3 pool parties (Womens, Mens and Bears) going on at once and day and evening events the music will be in full swing from noon to after midnight. Gay Days DJs tend to US based and play a mix of songs and beats. The goal is to keep a happy vibe at the pool and keep things going. Some DJs you'll recognize and others you'll discover for the first time.

Gay College Weekend DJ's
This new venue has brought in known DJs as it tries to get itself established during Orlando's Gay Weekend. DJs include Chris Cox, Chi Chi Larue and Ranny.

Girls in Wonderland DJ's
The DJ's for Girls in Wonderland often play dance parties and pool parties the styles change according to the venue. More beats and trance at the dance parties and more upbeat songs and re-mixes during the pool parties.

Orlando Gay Days Weekend DJ Schedule - Subject to Change Without Notice

Thursday May 31st
DJ Chad Guidry - Gay Days Men's Afternoon Pool Party
DJ Ronny Boy - Gay Days Bears Afternoon Pool Party
DJ Cubby - Tidal Wave Early Arrival Afternoon Pool Party
DJ Carlos Nascimento, DJ Mike Sniffen - Gay Days Men's Evening Pool Party
DJ Wayne - Gay Days Bears Evening Pool Party
DJ Grace - Girls at Gay Days Evening Pool Party
DJ Brianna Lee - Parliament House
DJ Keith Doucet - Tidal Wave Evening Pool Party

Friday June 1st
DJ Dani Toro, Power Infiniti - Liquid Pool Party
DJ Wendy Hunt - Gay Days Men's Afternoon Pool Party
DJ John LePage - Gay Days Bears Afternoon Pool Party
DJ Chi Chi Larue, DJ Greg Anderson - Gay College Afternoon Pool Party
DJ Randy Bettis - Riptide Beach Party at Typhoon Lagoon
DJ Cap'n Kirk - Tidal Wave Weekend Party @ Wet & Wild
DJ Pat Pat, DJ Marilyn - Girls in Wonderland Climax Party
DJ Michael Tank & Just Circuit Winner DJ TBA - Gay Days Men's Evening Pool Party
DJ Craig Gaibler, DJ Wayne - Gay Days Bears Evening Pool Party
DJ Chris Cox, DJ Yiannis - Gay College Weekend Evening Party
DJ Alyson Calagna, DJ Lydia Prim - Wonder World, Mark Baker After Hours Party

Saturday June 2nd
DJ Seth Cooper, DJ Roland Belmares - Liquid Pool Party
DJ Cory Craig - Gay Days Men's Afternoon Pool Party
DJ John LePage - Gay Days Bears Afternoon Pool Party
DJ Ranny - Gay College Pool Party
DJ Lisa Pittman, DJ Pat Pat - Girls in Wonderland Afternoon Pool Party
DJ Ana Paula, DJ Issac Escalante - Big Bang Universal Studios Party, Wonder World
DJ Gustavo Scorpio, DJ Bill Coleman - Gay Days Men's Evening Pool Party
DJ Ted Eiel, DJ Andy Ajar - Gay Days Bears Evening Pool Party
DJ Chubby, DJ David Biehl - Tidal Wave Evening Pool Party
DJ Sappho, DJ Grace - Girls at Gay Days Evening Pool Party
DJ Greg Anderson, DJ Razor N', DJ Guido - Gay College Weekend Evening Party
DJ Spikey Dikey, DJ Pat Pat - Girls in Wonderland 11 Party
DJ Angel X - Orlando Black Pride
DJ Mark Anthony - Wonder World Tunnel After Hours Party

Sunday June 3rd

DJ Jay McCracken, DJ Dave and Gerardo - Liquid Pool Party
DJ David Knapp - Gay Days Men's Afternoon Pool Party
DJ Ted Eiel - Gay Days Bears Afternoon Pool Party
DJ Robbie Leslie - Epcot Retro T One Magical Weekend
DJ Fierce Tease, DJ Grind - Gay Days Men's Evening Pool Party
DJ Alain Jackinsky, DJ Paulo - Fasscination, Wonder World Evening Party at Hard Rock
DJ Abel - Wonder World Tunnel After Hours Party

There are a lot of great DJs and if you already have a favorite then you just need to attend their event, if you don't know them then consider checking for dj podcasts so you can sample their work.

Check out Visit Gay Orlando for a complete Orlando Gay Days Weekend schedule for men and women.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

New Concerts & Events Section Added to Visit Gay Orlando

Curious to what is happening outside of the bar and club scene when in Orlando?
Well we have added a new Concerts / Events section of Visit Gay Orlando so you can see what cultural events may be going on while in town.

The events and shows tend to be of interest to a gay and lesbian crowd so don't expect a lot of mainstream acts here, but a select group of events that are going on now or coming up in the future.

Visit Gay Orlando's Event List for May includes:
Orlando Cabaret Festival
The Lion King
Orlando Fringe Festival
Lisa Lampanelli
and KD Lang

If you are coming to Orlando, these events may be the unexpected surprise to get you away from the tourist and see a different side of Orlando.

Each month we will feature events we believe you'll enjoy and identify select future events that may be of interest. When possible we'll provide a video and provide basic information on the event.
Check out Orlando Concerts and Events now.


Friday, May 4, 2012

RipTide - Orlando Gay Days Beach Party 4 Weeks Away

4 Weeks until RipTide the Typhoon Lagoon Beach party and tickets are selling fast!

RipTide Beach Party To DO List
1. Cardio, Lifting and Crunches (Insanity Please)
2. Find a New Swim Suit
3. Get Your RipTide Tickets for Orlando's Biggest Gay Days Beach Bash
4. Have Fun with 5,000 Great Looking Friends!

Hurry Tickets are going fast and the event soldout last year!