Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Brink - Is this Orlando Gay Bar on the Way Out?

Well The Brink opened up less than six months ago and like many new Orlando gay bars finding it's niche has been a challenge but could be signs of The Brinks days as a gay bar be numbered?

Let's lay out the fact:

1. The Brink used to be open 7 Days a Week and now are open 5 Days a Week.
Does this mean the Brink is going under? No. Closing on nights that are dead is a smart business decision and Pulse is successful with it.

2. Happy Hour or No Happy Hour? Who Knows!
On the web site they note a Happy Hour on days that they are open, but on their Facebook page someone said the doors were locked for Happy Hour. Dear Brink, do two thing decide happy hour or not and keep your web site and Facebook pages up to date.

3. Club Leased "Saturday Nights" for 6 Weeks
Um... What? Yes, The Brink has leased out Saturday Nights and it is now a Latin Club on Saturdays known as Rehab. When a business states they couldn't pass up the offer, it means we need more revenue and this allows us to pay the bills. The Bottom line is a club has costs and if you aren't making it you have to find new revenue streams or close the doors.

IMHO: The Rehab Saturday test is to see if The Brink can be more successful as a Latin Club than a Gay Club. The best way to test the waters rather than invest huge amount of cash is to do this one night a week type club.

Last we have seen straight clubs do gay nights on "off nights" but they rarely ever do it on a money night like Friday or Saturday, so with a review of the fact it does appear that The Brink is shopping for a new more profitable concept and if this pans out it will be on to the next chapter as Rehab or something else.

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