Tuesday, May 28, 2013

One Mighty Weekend Returns to Orlando Gays Days

One Mighty Weekend returns to Orlando's Gay Days scene after being absent since 2009.

During Johnny Chisholm's 2005 - 2008 run of One Mighty Weekend, he created some of Orlando's most memorable Gay Days events. As the economy took a turn for the worse during 2008 and 2009, One Mighty Weekend ran into financial issues and the run was over.

Mark Baker, One Magical Weekend - Typhoon Lagoon Riptide party, Gay Days and Parliament House, stepped in to replace events or create new events for the Gay Days weekend. Some like Riptide, Liquid Pool Parties and Parliament House have had great success, but the Universal and After Hours parties, while fun just never had the same feel and excitement as they did in prior years.

This year One Mighty Weekend and Johnny Chisholm returns to Orlando's Gay Weekend of events and many people are waiting to see if it is a return to glory or has Gay Days visitor changed and no longer wants after hours parties that run til 6 am.

Well with the Official Gay Days Kick Off party tonight, it sounds like One Mighty Weekend is setting itself up for success.

Right now there are less than 25 rooms left at the One Mighty Weekend host hotel and with warm weather and sunshine they expect to sell out. This bodes well for the Reunion Pool Parties.

The Magic Journeys After Hours parties are Hosted by Alan T and offer some great DJ's like Danny Tenaglia, Gustavo Scorpio, Joe Gauthreaux and Rosabel. Right now we don't have a read on whether 1,000, 3,000 or more people will attend these events. If you like these DJ's it should be an awesome time and I think the results of the after hours events will help determine if One Mighty Weekend expands its Orlando Gay Weekend lineup in 2014.

Right now, no one can predict whether the large theme park party with a variety of performers will return to Gay Days or if the WE party at Epcot will be the new standard, but I can say I had the most fun at 2007 MGM Party and wish there was event like that to go to this year.

We hope the One Mighty Weekend has a successful return so that they and all of us can have more great memories at Orlando's Big Gay Weekend.

Rus J

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