Friday, May 16, 2014

RBARR - Orlando New Gay Nightclub Grand Opening Review

RBARR Discotek & Cocktail Boutique opened last night in the former Revolution location and while there were some bumps in the road, the crowd and energy lasted all night.

What I enjoyed about RBARR was the streamlined look and feel. White walls and ceiling makes it look modern and clean. The floor looks great but I am not sure it was finished. DJ Brian Dawe was excellent and one of the coolest things events was adding a live drummer to play along with the DJ. I am not sure that everyone at RBARR even noticed it, but it was something that really stood out. And last Danielle Hunter looked fabulous when I saw her in the club, however when I tried to get in to see the show at the Southern Nights Theater, I was told “Sorry reservations only.” – even for a single!

I know this is the Grand Opening Weekend RBARR and some areas are still under construction but here are my problem areas and areas for improvement for RBARR.

If there was one thing that was lacking and even pissed me off it was lack of communication, that runs from their Facebook page to the location. Here are some examples:
Cover – If you have one STATE IT
If You have FREE DRINKS – And Someone pays a cover, why not let them know there are Free Drinks!
Dress Code – Be Consistent and state what is and isn’t acceptable
For the Shows have Signs - SOLD OUT - Reservations Only or a Seating is Available Sign
Facebook – Learn to use it to share information & answer questions

Still Under Construction
The outside bar, flooring, ceiling and a few other areas are not finished yet, while I know there are delays and the original opening was pushed back but you’ve got to get those things completed. Your first impression was – you’re not ready yet.

Mixed review here, I notice one or two play favorites with people they knew and others work their area. I waited almost 15 minutes in the first line only to walk away and find someone else. You either need to add more bartenders or remind the others they are there to serve drinks.

Some online comment noted that they had rude bartenders, however I did not see that in person.

Private Area or Not Private Area?
One this that perplexed my all night was the illusion that the chic bar to the left of the dance floor was exclusive because there was a guy holding a red velvet rope and letting people in and out. Turns out he let everyone I watched go into this area and then place the rope back, I got into this area without a word. So my question, Why have a rope?, just leave it open so all can enjoy.

All in All I think that if RBARR can get it’s act together they can be a welcome addition to the Orlando Gay scene, however the Grand Opening’s first impression was one that says there is still work to be done.

Grand Opening Weekend Events include:
Friday 5/16/14 with DJ Zog - Miami's #1 DJ
Saturday 5/17/14 with DJ Justin James

For more information visit RBARR's Facebook page

We will follow up in a few weeks and update you on RBARR's Status.

Russ J