Tuesday, June 3, 2014

5 Must Attend Orlando Gay Days Events

If you add up all the pool parties, special events, concerts, drag shows, plays and visiting the theme parks there are well over 50 different events going on this weekend for Orlando's Gay Days.

While there is something for everyone and much of it depends on your own taste, we put together a list of what we think are the Top 5 Must Attend Gay Days Events.

This list is not in any specific order.

1. PI @ PHouse
Pleasure Island (PI) use to be the kick off for Gay Days and it was a homecoming type of event for former Disney employees who had moved on and a gathering place for everyone to kick off the Gay Days weekend. Mannequins was so popular that the line to get in often started forming around 3-4 in the afternoon and the dorrs didn't open until 9 pm! After PI closed, Parliament House created the PI @ PHouse event and it has become the Gay Days Kick Off for locals and visitors ever since.

2. RipTide @ Typhoon Lagoon
Water Park, Wave Pool, Dance Music and 5,000 guys in swimsuits. What's not to love - plus you can choose whether you want to get wet, enjoy the wave, people watch or just dance the night away. It is my favorite event of the weekend! This is a One Magical Weekend Event - Get Details Here.

3. Magical Journeys - After Hours @ Arabian Nights
The party doesn't end at midnight, in fact at the arena sized venue Magical Journeys is just getting started as other events are winding down. Magical Journeys is a high energy dance event that runs Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. It starts around midnight, picks up steam and then runs until five, six or seven in the morning. One Might Weekend has hosted events here for many years, but this is most likely the last time at this location since Arabian Nights dinner show recently closed. Get additional details on this One Mighty Weekend Event.

4. Attend a Pool Party
Sometimes the best way to meet people and get to know theme is at a pool party and you have lots to choose from including Gay Days Men's Pool Parties, Bear's Pool Parties, One Mighty Weekend - Reunion Pool Parties and Tidal Wave Weekend Pool Parties. All allow you to get a tan, cool off in the pool, socialize on a personal level and enjoy a variety of dance music from top djs. See the complete Pool Party Schedule.

5. Visit the Magic Kingdom on Saturday
If you've never been to the Magic Kingdom on the first Saturday of June, then you are missing something special. As a sea of men, women and families wearing red to show support of each other enjoy the park. If you came from a small town and always felt like an outsider like myself, then the moment you see everyone wearing red and get a sense that we are all supporting each other can be a little emotional for some. I have to admit, for me it was something I never will forget. In addition to seeing everyone in red you get to enjoy the Magic Kingdom which is a blast. I wouldn't miss it!

I hope you have your hotel booked, your sunscreen & swimsuit packed and are ready for a wonderful Gay Days weekend. We look forward to seeing & meeting you in Orlando!

To see all the activities for Orlando's Gay Weekend check out the Pool Parties, Dance Parties and Performers and more.

Russ J