Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Southern Nights Returns - RBARR Closed

I guess you could see this coming on RBARR's Grand Opening Night, the dress code fiasco, anti-gay statements by gay doormen, holding the line not because it was packed but just because they could and in the end the negative vibes from one night had a ripple effect even though I loved the love and feel of RBARR.

To be honest, I went back a week after the grand opening and never returned again. One of the things that irked me the most was that they stated this "dress to impress dress code policy" and it was randomly enforced based on how you looked (imho) rather than an actual dress code as I saw one patron with sandals, shorts and an arm-pit stained t-shirt there and wondered really... that is dress to impress? Like I said I never went back and apparently neither did a lot of people.

The result RBARR closed on August 4th.

But with a great interior, outdoor bar, improved sound system and excellent talent, one can not count out the former Southern Nights location and with skipping a beat the GRAND OPENING of the new SOUTHERN NIGHTS was announced on August 9th.

And the GRAND OPENING is Friday August 15th!
I am excited and have some reservations. Is this just RBARR with Re-branded or is it a new beginning.
Bobby Mils will be bartending on Opening Night so that is a positive and maybe it means things will run better and Southern Nights will return with a vengeance and be successful, but only time will tell.

What we can say is "Welcome Back Southern Nights"
Here are the opening night details.

Rus J